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4 DIY Woodworking Projects for Beginners

As a beginner woodworker, you should start with simple projects. The lesser mistakes you make, the more you get motivated and stay willing to learn. The whole process would feel like a hobby than work. Trying out various projects improves your productivity when starting woodwork. Here are some projects to start with in the early learning stages.


1. DIY wooden chopping board and serving tray

Make it easy to slice, dice, and cut the several ingredients you use in the kitchen on an attractive chopping board. Making a chopping board is simple enough to motivate you to experience your first work and move to more technical projects. Cut out three pieces of 3-1/2″ maple boards using the CNC machine. Soften the edges, dry-fit the handles and dowels, then bring the pieces together using water-resistant wood glue. Feel free to celebrate your first woodwork product.

2. DIY Wood Doormat

Wood is a unique doormat material that works best to avoid picking dirt into the house. It is quite simple to make using a CNC machine, making it ideal for beginners. Assemble a few materials for the wooden doormat; cedar boards, miter box, sandpaper, wood glue, and nail gun. Develop and produce the doormat pieces from the cedar boards using the CNC machine. Use sandpaper to smoothen the edges of the pieces. Cut the side of the board frame at 45-degree angles. Place the angles on the sides of the frame, then join them using wood glue and nails.

3. DIY CNC Cabinets and bar cart

Here is your perfect project if you are looking to create a home bar without spending much on the cabinets and cart. The CNC machine’s precise cutting capabilities make it the best for making the cabinets. Cut out two sheets of plywood, measuring 3/8” for the cabinet door. Create a simple triangle with a dark stained back and a tree sheet design for the front. Create slanted pieces with holes to hold wine bottles. Include a few more pieces for support. Use a palm sander to clean the edges and put the pieces together using wood glue. Apply a nail gun for holding everything together and a drill for the hardware and hinges. Create holes in the back of the shelve for wire cables and enough space for a mini-fridge inside the cabinet.

4. DIY Kitchen drawer organizer

Most kitchens have drawers where you place every form of cutlery. Such drawers stay organized for only a few days, after which they become junk full of kitchenware and gadgets. Consider solving the issue as one of your earlier woodwork projects. Assemble board pieces, then use the CNC machine to create custom cut-outs. Clean the edges using sandpaper. That’s all the work. Place the board in the drawer, then set the cutlery at its cut-out position.

Bottom Line

Practicing regularly is essential if you want to perfect your woodwork skills. Use these DIY projects in your early stages to help you master the skills.

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