Blogger Doesn’t Grasp Irony In Article Criticizing Justin Timberlake

I must be sincere: I don’t entirely disagree with the factors made in this open letter to Justin Timberlake about his difficult track lyrics. A glance at a number of them shows him gambling speedy and unfastened with the concept of consent and valuing girls based on how a good deal they satisfy him sexually. That may not be his aim. However, they don’t move overlooked. What amuses me is the truth that a lengthy critique of his lyrics changed into written utilizing a representative of Focus on the Family, the extremely conservative company whose founder, James Dobson, gleefully endorsed Donald Trump for president: a person who makes the sexual content material of Timberlake’s lyrics as titillating as Doctor Seuss.

On Focus’ leisure blog, Jake Roberson writes, I’d want to suppose that you’d like your son to grow as much as being a man who respects women. We’ve seen and heard raw, tragic, inexcusable tales in this age of #MeToo, as ladies like Rachael Denhollander, Alyssa Milano, and many extras have come ahead. We’ve seen the fruits of what takes place when guys (and societies) denigrate girls and withhold from them their inherent right to be treated with admiration.

I’d be more inclined to take Roberson critically if his brand of Christianity didn’t join complementarianism: the belief that ladies are subordinate to men in a “separate but identical” manner. Roberson blasts the tune “Filthy” for being “handiest superficially… worried about the idea of consent” and says “Pusher Lover Girl” treats ladies as “little extra than the sexual drug with which you get your high.” While I’m willing to accept it as true with Roberson, there may be a bit — large! — the distinction between making a song approximately sexually immoral behavior versus certainly doing it. As far as I recognize, there aren’t any reviews of Timberlake taking gain of his wife — or every other female, for that,, be counted.


And that’s the difference between Timberlake and Trump: the previous sings approximately sexual degradation while the “Christian” president endorsed by using many evangelical Christians truly did it — and bragged about it. The points made in this newsletter are properly taken, but Focus on the Family was the wrong platform for them. Even if Roberson isn’t keen on Trump, in my opinion, the political arm of the organization he works for has been inside the tank for Trump, considering that he took the workplace. They have very little grievance about his phrases and actions.

Blogging has reached the recognition of the net mainstream. Casual browsers,,, advertising, and marketing novices are interested in a new phenomenon: The Blogger Millionaire. Who wouldn’t need to join this growing rank of financial success doing something as simple as properly writing? This isn’t Pulitzer Prize award-winning prose we’re talking about; it is simply undeniable, everyday writing, something alongside the strains of penning an observation for your excellent pal, handiest with blogging, instead of writing the letter on paper and sending it off using mail, the “letter” is keyed in your pc and published for all to peer.

I often get requests, “OK. But where is the money?”

I get this from learners and those who’ve been running a blog for years. For example, my pal’s daughter has had a weblog on knitting. She writes approximately spinning her yarn, loss of life, and finding elements for her natural dyes. Chrissy has had this weblog up for several years and has a nice readership of well over 2000. She’s now not making any money on it. She can be.

The net is a new international — a digital global. Just like the actual one, there are geographical demographics. We go to countries, towns, and addresses in the real world. We go to classes, niches, and URL addresses on the net. Inside the actual world, a few lessons are places of commercial enterprise. You can buy books, garments, knitting wool and needles, and more online.

Online income is the quickest developing section in the retail and commercial enterprise. Interestingly, surveys imply that humans move on the net not to keep, however, but to get data, to discover an option to a problem. This is why blogs are so useful. Let’s stay with Chrissy and her blog, which is ChrisysNaturalKnittingWays.Com (not a real domain). Here she offers advice on how to spin your very own yarn, how to dye it, the supply of hair for adventure, and more. It’s a web publication, much like a mag or newspaper you purchase at your nearby newsstand; besides, right here, she no longer has the conventional tough costs of publishing — no paper, no printing press, no workforce, no distribution.

How can she make cash with this book?

Everything on the net has its twin in the offline global. How do papers and magazines make money? Hint: it’s now not from the income of the mag. It’s especially from the ads.

How many ways can Chrissy monetize her weblog?

1. Google AdSense; This is the perfect and quickest manner to start getting cash. Have you ever visited websites and seen “ads by using Google?” Both online and off, owners of agencies understand online advertising and marketing effectively power traffic to their websites — both online and rancid. Of course, they need to advertise to their target marketplace.

Chrissy’s blog is a unique area of interest. Not many people spin or die their very own yarn. It is a goal market that a commercial enterprise specializing in imparting natural yarn dye might be very curious about advertising too. Natural Yarn Dyes is an advertiser with Google. Google’s system reveals.

ChrissysNaturalKnittingWays.Com and places Natural Yarn Dyes’ upload on her blog. A knitter goes to Google, kinds the keywords “herbal yarn dyes,” and is taken to a web page on which Chrissy’s weblog is listed. The knitter clicks on the weblog, reads an editorial on herbal dyes with interest, and notices an ad for herbal dyes. The knitter clicks on the advert. At that factor, the advertiser pays Google, and Google will pay a percentage to Chrissy as the advert’s fee

2. Amazon: This is every other supply of income. Amazon now sells not the simplest books and magazines but actual merchandise. In this situation, Chrissy wishes to open an Amazon Associate account, and she can pick out the products that she desires to sell on her website. It may be a subscription to a knitting magazine, a provider of unique yarn made from canine hair, or any of the numerous matters that critical interest knitters would be interested in. Every time they click on the Amazon commercials on Chrissy’s blog and buy that product, Chrissy gets a fee from Amazon.

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