Jeremy D. Mena

Jeremy D. Mena

Alcohol geek. Future teen idol. Web practitioner. Problem solver. Certified bacon guru. Spent 2002-2009 researching plush toys in Miami, FL. Won several awards for exporting tar in Libya. Uniquely-equipped for managing human growth hormone in Libya. Spent a weekend implementing fried chicken on the black market. Spoke at an international conference about working on carnival rides in Miami, FL. Developed several new methods for donating jack-in-the-boxes in Edison, NJ.
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Challenges of Running a Business: Insights for Entrepreneurs

Running a business can be challenging. Many aspects of running a business are not apparent to entrepreneurs until they experience them firsthand. However, entrepreneurs can still take tips from other running businesses to have an idea of what it takes to run a business successfully. However, starting a business can also be...

A House for the Active: Creating a Space for Physical Activities

Sports and fitness enthusiasts' demands are growing. Because of the wide range of sports practices and training methods, each "discipline" has its necessities. These can be loose weights, suspension components, bicycle rollers, and other cardio tools such as paddlers. They can also be climbing components, simulations, and even a full-blown backyard...

Home Improvement: How to Turn a House into a Home

When people bought their first homes during the pandemic, they were limited to pre-owned or newly-built homes that they had no hand in designing. While some loved their newly-bought homes, others preferred to improve them to make them fit their personality and lifestyle. Homebuyers have several options when it comes to...

Gorilla Glass: Here’s Why Many Tech Manufacturers Like It

A common feature found on nearly every smartphone is the use of Gorilla Glass or similar materials. This tough glass can resist scratches and other damage inflicted upon it by keys, coins, and even sandpaper. Gorilla Glass started as a brand name for Corning’s line of protective coverings. Today, the...

Top Ways to Entertain Your Dog

A dog is known to be a man’s best friend. It’s your responsibility as the owner to feed and entertain them. When dogs are bored, they usually find ways to entertain themselves, and this includes getting themselves into trouble. Your neighbors can get inconvenienced or you can get your house...
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The Fundamental Building Blocks of a Successful Business

Starting a business is a complicated process. New business owners would go over many factors to set up a plan, and most of them would ask for suggestions from other entrepreneurs. A new business owner needs to know the business process, so knowledge in commerce is essential to all entrepreneurs. Some entrepreneurs...
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