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5 Important Tips to Consider While Ordering Custom Pistons –

For most of the street strip engine combinations, off-the-shell pistons work greatly. For engines that use a combination of low-volume components, custom pistons are the only option to push the performance.

Many people have a doubt about how to order the right custom piston. So here we are with some of the important tips that you should consider while ordering a custom piston.

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1. Evaluate your needs and purpose –

Before ordering custom piston, determine why you need it. Whether the aim is to increase the quality, diminish the weight, or oblige a stroker crankshaft. Don’t just make assumptions of compression ratio, bore size, etc. Be accurate while providing the information. These days aluminium pistons that are manufactured exclusively are CNC machined.

2. Fill the requirements sheet carefully –

Most of the piston developers provide their clients with the data sheet to fill in the requirements while placing the order. If possible, you can approach the manufacturer; else it is provided on their website. Try to fill all the data with genuine figures. As soon as you finish with this task, it is given to the cylinder maker to start your request.

While sending the sheet, try to contact the organization and make the information provided in the sheet more clearly through your words. It will help them in understanding your requirements in a more precise way. You can even make a query about the specifications which you didn’t understand while filling the data and can then fill them. It will assure that the cylinder is produced efficiently and effectively as per your needs only.

3. Do not make assumptions –

Making estimates and providing wrong information will end up in chaos. You may to spend more afterward on a new piston. Time will also be wasted if, at a later stage, you will realize that the information you provided will not work. Hence, it is better to take the measurements rather than making assumptions. Confirm every segment! Don’t let your laziness initially become a headache for you later.

4. Decide power goals –

Make it very clear; the cost and quality of the piston are directly proportional to each other. Higher the quality you want, the more expensive it will be. So, before ordering just blindly, determine your budget and number of pistons you require. If you want the cylinder to hold more power, then it will be costly too!

When the budget is your primary concern, then it is recommended to look for a brand that produces pistons at reasonable prices and fulfil your requirements as well.

5. Determine bore size and compression ratio –

Once the amount of power for the efficient working of the piston is finalized after that decide the compression ratio and bore size. Generally, low compression for supercharged applications and high pressure for all-engine NA applications is recommended. Bore size can range between 0.5mm to 1.0mm.


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