5 Slice Of Life Tamil Movies You Must Add To Your “Must Watch” List

5 Slice Of Life Tamil Movies You Must Add To Your “Must Watch” List 1

The makers of Tamil movies are known for making some seriously creative and audacious choices in terms of storytelling devices and plotlines. The end results of such endeavors usually pay off handsomely, as they churn out surprise blockbusters that arrive out of the blue. Some of these films also belong to the slice-of-life space, which usually leaves the audience with an intense message and sometimes a fuzzy feeling. It is for this reason that Tamil movies that belong to the space in question must be a part of your “Must Watch” list. This article will talk about 5 such presentations that you must add to your list. Read on to learn more.

Oh Kaadhal Kanmani (2015)

This Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menon-starrer is a contemporary slice-of-life Tamil movie that explores live-in relationships in a heart-warming and comical manner. The Mani Ratnam-directed dramedy tells the tale of two youngsters who end up falling for each other after a chance encounter at a wedding. However, the youngsters, Adi and Tara (Played by Salmaan and Menon, respectively), are against the idea of marriage. As an alternative, the two decide to live with each other. This very decision gave way to a series of intense and/or hilarious moments that left the audience feeling a multitude of emotions by the time they were done watching the film. This movie can be streamed on Disney+ Hotstar.

Oh My Kadavule (2020)

This slice of life film tells an intricately woven story that also happens to have a supernatural element. This simple yet complex feature presentation tells the story of a childhood friend-turned-couple seeking divorce after a year of marriage, around which time God himself chooses to interact with the husband in order to give him a chance to rectify his mistakes. This leads to the unraveling of a story full of several twists as well as heart-warming and poignant moments. This movie, which stars Ashok Selvan and Ritika Singh in the lead roles, also includes the delightful cameo of Vijay Sethupathi, who plays God itself in the feature. This enduring romantic comedy, which talks about the importance of second chances at love and life, has an IMDb rating of 8.1 and is available for streaming on ZEE5 Global.

Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee (2022)

This nostalgia piece about high school romance as it was done in the 1990s is front-lined by Kishen Das and Meena Raghunath. It is a story about a bunch of students from a strict and conservative Catholic high school navigating through the complicated maze of romance, self-discovery and the challenges of school life. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, this is a nostalgia piece, which means that the audience, and more specifically the 90’s kids in this case, will be able to take a quick tour down memory lane through the feature. This Darbuka Siva directorial can now be streamed on ZEE5 Global.

Kamali From Nadukkaveri (2021)

This heart-warming feature presentation stars Anandhi as the titular character, who strives hard to secure a seat for herself in the prestigious institution of IIT Madras, all for a handsome top student who studies there. As a result, she ends up becoming an inspirational figure for several girls who reside in Tier-2 and 3 cities while she goes about exploring college life. The film also subtly touches upon the age-old practice of denying formal education to Indian women.

Good Night (2023)

This surprise hit film stars Manikandan and Meetha Raghunath in the lead roles. The film is about two people (Manikandan and Raghunath’s characters in the movie), who come from different walks of life, falling in love with each other due to a chance encounter. Their love culminates in a marriage, which ends up going through its own fair share of ups and downs due to a problem that the husband has had for as long as he can remember. This film is poignant, emotional, and utterly hilarious. The movie can be streamed on Disney+Hotstar.

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