A Men’s Guide to Improving Their Style

We get confidence from the way we dress. Knowing that we look good in the clothes we wear is enough to make us feel good throughout the day. For men, a shirt, pants, and a pair of shoes are enough. While there is no harm in casual dressing, adding a little spice to your everyday appearance will go a long way. Here are several tips you can follow to improve your style:

1. Wear Clothes That Are Your Fit

Men like to wear clothes that are twice their size because it is comfortable or conceals their bodies’ undesirable parts. But wearing baggy clothes makes your entire ensemble ill-fitting—it can make you shorter and bigger than you actually are. And this is the last thing you want to happen. Moreover, you can explore average-fit clothes that highlight certain parts of your body such as the shoulders, chest, arms, and legs.


2. Wear Accessories

Watches are the most versatile accessories that men can wear no matter what the occasion is. Aside from watches, stackable silicone bracelets can also be worn during casual occasions. Accessories can accentuate your overall outfit as long as they complement the colors of your outfit and are not overdone. They should be worn on the wrist where you are most comfortable.

3. Groom Yourself Regularly

Our personal grooming also affects our self-esteem. Taking a bath, cutting your nails, and brushing your hair should be a part of your daily grooming regimen. These minimal efforts go a long way, and it leaves a good impression on your colleagues. A well-groomed person can be telling of one’s self-discipline, so take care of yourself every day.

4. Take Great Care of Your Clothing

You have probably spent considerable cash buying the clothes you have now, and it’s only reasonable to take care of them regularly. Folding clothes at the seams, ironing wrinkled clothes, sewing hems, and following washing instructions are the best ways to take care of your clothes. Know what clothes need to be folded or hung so that you won’t have awkward folds in your clothing areas and save space in your closet as well. It’s also wise to invest in quality clothing because they last longer and are good in quality than the cheaper ones.

5. Always Have a Suit in Your Closet

You should always have a suit in your closet for formal occasions. Do not rent—buy and ensure it is your best fit. On the other hand, you can opt to have a custom-made suit if your budget allows. These are pretty costly, but they will be worth it. This way, you won’t have to shop for formal wear when you are invited to formal occasions.

6. Draw Inspiration from Your Favorite Actors

It can be difficult to be unique while you are still trying to figure out your personal style. In the meantime, you can draw style inspirations from your favorite actors. You can pick two to three actors that you think have great taste in clothing. You can then use them as an inspiration in dressing better. Lastly, you can also incorporate your personal touch into the ensemble.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

You know your preferences and style better than anyone else. Don’t be afraid to experiment with styles that you think would suit your personality. Colors, for starters, are hard to mix and match so, go for neutral colors for easier matching. You won’t immediately identify your style, but you’ll discover a lot along the way.

Styling involves years of experimentation and getting to know what works best for you. It involves countless trial-and-error and awkward situations, but once you’ve identified your best style, it will come easily to you. You should be comfortable and confident in wearing them because that is the only way to bring justice to them. If styling is not your forte, you can start slow and see the wonders it can do to your confidence. It can create a positive impression on the people around you.

On a regular day, it’s easier to put on a shirt and pants because it consumes less time and less effort. But the act of putting in the effort to look nice even on a regular day takes a lot of self-discipline, as mentioned earlier. This is because you are willing to spend extra time making yourself look presentable. So, if you want to be perceived as sharp and intelligent, put in the effort to look nice every day.

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