Keeping Things Safe From Paws: Guide to Pet-Proofing Your House

Owning a pet is a good thing for many people. Whatever their pet is, it provides companionship and love to their lives. However, some types of pets can be disruptive. Cats and dogs roam around the house, and they can damage the furniture and cause havoc. If you want to keep paying for repairs or replacements, you’ll need to do some pet-proofing.

Here are some tips to help with that:

Restrict Access

One of the problems with pets is that they get into places you don’t want them to. The best way to prevent problems is to restrict their access. While a simple door can be effective, it may not be an option. Installing pet gates is a more manageable choice. This should be simple since many pet gates can be installed without heavy tools and experience.

Besides ensuring your pets stay in place, they can help in houses with young babies. They can keep both your pets and children out of trouble with ease. Their price tag is also affordable, so getting multiple ones won’t break the bank.

Be Organized

When your home is a mess, your pets are more likely to damage something. One of the common targets for your pets is cables and cords—cats and dogs like chewing on them for various reasons. Pets can seriously hurt themselves if they keep doing it while you have to pay for replacements. The best way to deal with it is to organize the cables into bundles and position them out of reach of your pets. At least, they should not be on the ground so easily accessible.

Keeping your house organized also ensures that pets won’t bite down on bags or shoes left around. Storing them in secure places prevents you from throwing them out after a pet mauling.

Create a Pet Zone

Pets still need their freedom even indoors. So it is best to limit the damage to a single place. However, leaving them a bare room would be a mistake since pets experience boredom like people. Besides that, a safe space would be better for controlling them. You already have pet gates, and now you have to make a room full of pet comforts so that they will be entirely comfortable there. Creating a safe space encourages them to stay there most of the time.

Ensure That Your Trash is Packed Properly

Pets are a curious lot, and one of the significant dangers is that they get into your garbage. You do not want them spreading your trash all over the place. The problem is that some types of debris can draw them in. For example, food wrappers might smell nice, or there might be exciting scents that they might be curious about. Prevent this by getting good trash cans that can’t be knocked down easily. Get ones with covers, too, to add another layer of protection.

Keep Fragile Items Out of Reach

Another aspect of modern life that pets can affect is the presence of various fragile objects and devices in the house. A bit of carelessness, and you’ll go to a repair shop to repair a cell phone screen because your pet jumped at it. To prevent this, identify items that can get damaged by pets and keep them in secure containers. For example, if you have a set of beautiful porcelain dolls, buying a display cabinet would be an excellent option to keep them safe. For electronic devices, you can get protective cases to provide additional protection.

It’s For Their Safety, Too

Pet proofing is not just to protect your property. They are sometimes unaware of the danger they face when they chew on various things about your house. There are dangerous chemicals everywhere that they can quickly ingest or drink. This can include things like detergents and household cleaners. Even when put away safely, the vapors can still be a danger.

Additionally, there are decorative plants that can be poisonous to various animals. For example, beautiful tulips can be a deadly plant for dogs when they chew on them. Be aware of these dangers and keep them away from your pets.

A pet in your home can brighten up your life. But being aware of the downsides is just being realistic. Investing in some pet-proofing ensures that your belongings and home will be safe, no matter what they might do.

Jeremy D. Mena
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