Mahaska County Historical articles – Automobiles

In this collection of historical articles, which can be courtesy of John Jacobs, president of the Mahaska County Historical Society, residents of Oskaloosa were experiencing some frustration with people riding too speedy, noisy vehicles and now not enough parking.

Oskaloosa Thursday Herald

Feb. 6, 1902

Another Chapter within the Fast Driving Episode

Another chapter within the rapid driving episode of Friday has been finished. Walter Burrell, “Red” Miller, Mace Hagan, Will Lafollette, Dr. Ellsworth, Chas. McCullough has been arrested for violating the city ordinance on a warrant issued in records signed using Mr. Lafollett. All of the parties were arrested arraigned pleaded now not responsible, excluding Mr. Lafollett, who stated that he turned into guilty. The others say that they’ll stand trial.

The gentlemen say they let their bags out because they were beside Mace Hagan’s rig that the mayor said: “permit her to move.” They could not undergo to be handed once they had the authentic sanction of the Mayor of the city and in particular whilst Mr. Hagan driven on his lines. Mr. Wray asserts that what he said was “pass sluggish” and that he at no time gave his permission to hurry the bags. There is a difference of opinion right here that may raise a few sensitive points of the regulation and purpose quite a disturbance within the court docket.

The one unlucky issue approximately the affair is that J. H. Harrison is deeply harmed because he became no longer arrested with the others. He thinks the failure to consist of him inside the listing of rapid drivers is a direct insinuation that his animal isn’t worthy of being referred to as fast.

Oskaloosa Daily Herald

June 10, 1916

The Loud Driver

The development of the automobile has added about new conditions, particularly at church services, theaters, and other public gatherings. The late arrival together with his loud-mouthed automobile is a worrying element, and we consider if he found out how lots of a nuisance it was, he could exchange his conduct.

Except on uncommon events, autoists don’t need to get out at the doorway or proper beneath the open window of the auditorium and then have the motive force stop the court cases inner till he begins his car once more and takes it to a parking region. Why now not stop a half block or extra away and stroll the little distance?

Other drivers continually need people to recognize they have a car and honk and honk to the annoyance of each person else. Others seem to satisfaction in running beyond church buildings and hospitals with their reduce-outs extensive open.


We are glad to say that these people are the minority of the auto proprietors. However, we agree that if they could be a bit more considerate, they might increase the popularity of the automobile and make new friends of all who wish to listen to a sermon, a cope with or an opera. Think it over.

Oskaloosa Daily Herald

June 21, 1929

Motor visitors overrun the city

Parking problem in Oskaloosa grows serious

Not sufficient parking areas

Saturday night-time shopping crowds commercial enterprise phase with cars and pedestrian – road congestion risks site visitors. Traffic congestion certainly offers one of Oskaloosa’s most extreme problems. This is becoming greater acute as the days roll around. What to do with the immense motor caravans that visit the city on Saturday evenings has been perplexing muni-capital officials, outlets, or even motorists themselves. Oskaloosa’s significance as a shopping mall is emphasized every Saturday night. The patronage is overwhelming the municipality’s facilities. And resorts for managing the crowds.

Saturday becomes an honest sample.

Anyone who sized up the situation ultimate Saturday nighttime became stuck with the conclusion that Oskaloosa’s buying and selling territory has outgrown the metropolis’s ability to care for those hundreds of shoppers who come to this town on purchasing days. Cars out of the metropolis and out of the county shoppers had been parked for a distance of three to 5 blocks outside the enterprise district. Every parking area became stuffed. Alleys had been jammed with vehicles. Vacant masses have been packed. Every foot of available space was taken.

Cars parked 3 deep

Shoppers have been parked 3 deep along many blocks in the shopping district. The site visitors officers would only wink on the violation and request motorists to move alongside as quickly as purchases have been made. The congested streets, not the handiest, impeded the movement of automobiles. Still, they constituted a threat to the hefty foot visitors. It is not anything quick of a miracle that no pedestrians had been injured inside the crossing of motor tour lanes.

Busy evening for officers

Patrolmen and site visitors officials had some busy hours preventing traffic jams, and extra police were required for the nighttime. The scenario takes no consideration of the inconveniences to the heaps who come to Oskaloosa to save. With automobiles parked blocks from the square, consumers faced the need to make many trips to and from their cars with purchases.


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