Meet the blogger: Emily Dahl

Swedish bloggers have become a number of the country’s maximum high-profile influencers, attracting readers from around the sector. In The Local’s ‘Meet the Blogger’ collection, our contributor Ellie Day asks those online entrepreneurs about the highs and lows of the industry and their advice to might-be influencers. This month blogger and lifestyle and fashion photographer Emily Dahl take the time to speak with Local Sweden about the benefits and drawbacks of being an influencer, her predictions for upcoming trends in blogging – and her undying love for George Michael. Based in Stockholm, she has created a ‘visible diary’ of her lifestyles, reviews, and innovative work, which can be examined here. Hi, Emily! Your weblog has developed as a real mixture of your paintings as a photographer, your everyday lifestyles, and non-public thoughts and emotions – you even call your blog your ‘visual diary.’

How did you first start with the weblog?

Well, I’ve been running a blog for over a decade, so in 2006, once I first started my blog, the complete field became so special. The influencer sphere failed to exist – masses of human beings’ idea that it wasn’t a career, that the enterprise wouldn’t move anywhere; however, it started a whole enterprise for me! I’m without a doubt satisfied I stuck with it. Once I lived in Gothenburg, I had just graduated and changed between jobs, so starting a weblog becameinto an excellent creative outlet for me. It allowed me to build a portfolio, and my blog grew organically.

Your blog may be very visual – unsurprising, as you’re a photographer. Which resources do you appear to have for thought?

I attempt to locate suggestions far from the internet. I discovered that what stunts my thought is being in a place wherein social media takes over my lifestyle – while you find yourself refreshing Instagram, for instance – so, to preserve innovation, I’ve reduced my display time. Instead, I tend to go to outlets that stimulated me from the start, even from my adolescence, movies that I used to observe as a child, like vintage, conventional Hollywood films. I love going again to the truest roots of my creativity; it is like an avalanche of thought. In an instant, paying attention to George Michael’s tune facilitates me to develop new ideas!


George Michael is virtually a greater-than-suitable inspiration. What do you experience maximum approximately being a blogger?

Oh, I love so many elements of being a blogger – as well as the reality that I owe my entire corporation and a world to blogging; I have a circle of peers and pals from running a blog that’s very close to me. Blogging about my childhood of my life has meant that I’m especially close to a whole community of human beings who have been through a lot with me. They recognize the adventure that I’ve been on, and we’ve all got masses of shared reports.

What’s special, too, is the wealth of opportunities – the shows, the lectures, the humans you can meet. Without my fans, none of this would be viable; I would not be capable of the tour, have my business, and keep my assistants paid. It’s all made possible with the aid of my fans, and I admire it every day.

Are there any downsides to walking a weblog?

Ensuring your blog is aligned with your ethos can be tough. My weblog was once plenty larger than it’s far nowadays, but I consciously chose to rebuild the whole lot from the ground up about six months ago. I’ve long passed through the revolution and evolution of blogging and was given a degree in which I realized I was keen to shift the focal point far from me as a crucial person. For a long time, running a blog was about ‘what I wore these days,’ ‘and what I ate today, and no, it became more important to look morevely at my vision. I now emphasize how to hold my blog in an open, innovative, and tremendous space.

Which subjects/styles of blog content material have you ever determined that Swedish audiences most like to examine?

Tastes and tendencies are always transferring and developing. In the long term, anybody wants to examine food posts, at imagery around stunning and creative food, but these days panorama pictures have a second. Swedish audiences, particularly, reply nicely to stunning wildlife scenery photographs – it all ties into the upward thrust in recognition of drone pictures, permitting us to look at obvious pictures of aspirational settings. My audience responds properly to anything that suggests an adventure or a getaway. People want escapism – the precise nature of it all comes down to the zeitgeist, which is in vogue for now.

In phrases of ‘the Next Big Thing’ in running a blog, I feel like black and white pictures are ready to have a resurgence. You heard it right here first! We’ve had so long of analog, black and white have fallen away over the past decade. However, an entire technology of millennials is now discovering monochrome imagery and could carry it returned. I’d say that that’ll be the following trend to watch!

Do you have got any blogs that you read and discover aspirational?

So many blogs! There’s Emma’s Vintage – Emma’s a stylist I paint with every day; I read her blogs to open my eyes to new approaches to searching at the everyday. She’s first-rate at taking the small matters in everyday lifestyles and making them sense unique. She was a journalist, so she’s learned her craft professionally, and you could truly feel that during her blog. There’s also Sandra Beijer – she’s very good at locating new storytelling methods and making the unremarkable enticing. She has a knack for that, she began within the advertising industry, and they have saved loyal to her personal voice.

Do you have any recommendations you would possibly provide to aspiring influencers?

It’s critical to sit down and consider ‘What do I enjoy?’. If you do something you revel in doing, you may do it with passion. It’s first-rate initially that at your base, recognize that the whole thing you do if you do it with determination, ‘ll all exercise session. Nothing is wasted, even though it feels like it at the time – writing you have achieved years in the past can nevertheless be applicable. Take your recommendation, pay attention to yourself, and most importantly, be genuine!

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