Prestige Automobiles launches BMW X3 in Yangon

German carmaker BMW released its X3 third technology Sports Activity Vehicle in Yangon on February 3. The new X3 will be available on the market and test drives at the showroom of Prestige Automobiles, BMW’s accepted dealer and importer in Yangon. It comes priced over $140,000, including customs responsibility, business tax, and fees paid to the Road Transportation Administration Department. Prices exclude importers’ profits tax. U Chan Mya, dealing with a director of Prestige Automobiles, expects to sell simply 20 units of the new X3 in 2018, though.


This is because buyers of the BMW X3 will not accept a Yangon license, which allows them to park legally in the city. In Myanmar presently, the handiest consumers of motors assembled domestically and Nissan and Suzuki might be issued with Yangon licenses. The issuing of permits by individual showrooms and importers is not approved. U Chan Mya, dealing with Prestige Automobiles, expects to promote simply 20 gadgets of the new X3 in 2018.

The statement delivered sensation in the automobile market. This is because consumers of the BMW X3 will not take delivery of a Yangon license, which permits them to park legally within the town. In Myanmar presently, the most effective shoppers of cars assembled regionally together with Nissan, and Suzuki could be issued with Yangon licenses. The issuing of permits via personal showrooms and importers is not approved. At the top of 2007, TATA cars were introduced to release Rs. One lakh automobile NANO. TATA had decided to release Nano until the give up of 2008 12 months, but there were many problems with launching the car for TATA.

This time political propaganda commenced getting the land for TATA Nano. However, no person be successful. At 1st, Ratan TATA determined to shift to an employer in Singur to make the car, but Singur humans were no longer geared up to hand over their land for the manufacturing facility. After terrific combat in Singur and Nandigram, TATA Motors was determined to transport the car manufacturing facility to other areas. Mamata Banerjee was already advised to set up the factory over six hundred acres; however, TATA was no longer satisfied with 600 acres.

After the tremendous contradiction, Uttarakhand authorities invited the installation of a manufacturing facility for Nano. Chief Minister of Uttarakhand announced to allot about forty-five acres of land to extend the Pantnagar unit. TATA officers reported launching about 50,000 cars via the Pantnagar unit this time. This time TATA had been equipped to install the factory quickly because it was already behind schedule in the release of Nano.

In 2008 TATA Vehicles were determined to set up a manufacturing unit for Nano in Gujarat. By the Gujarat government, Simar port has been allocated. Finally, TATA announced to release Nano car on March 23, 2009. The announcement was in February 2009, officially. The car booking will start from April month of 2009. The vehicle satisfies the need of middle magnificence families. It is four seated cars, and it has versions AC and non-AC. It has 20 kilometers in keeping with liter mileage. Its price might be multiple lahks, including VAT and shipping expenses.

These were the fundamental difficulties for TATA to launch Nano. It became TATA that knew the Indian center class’s wants and marketplace needs. After this statement, most vehicle businesses have decided to release small vehicles. Bajaj, Honda, and Mahindra motor agencies are coming with small cars within the market till 2010-2012. However, they don’t have any problems with TATA motors.

Autocar is sincerely the hooked-up international leader in terms of automobile information media. With over one hundred years of history, it effortlessly bears the legacy of the arena’s oldest vehicle, mag. Autocar was first introduced in 1895 as a weekly British vehicle mag posted by Haymarket Motoring Publications Ltd. Today. Along with the United Kingdom, other variants include India, China, and South Africa.

Launched in September 1999, Autocar India is the united states of America’s main authority for motorbike and automobile owners, constantly seeking to be a forerunner. The mag is understood for pioneering road checking out in India and is the closing word on new cars and bikes due to its authentic avenue check verdicts. It also became the primary magazine to explore the Tata Nano and showcase its interiors. Other magazines are green with envy of its popularity for the exemplary editorial content and high production requirements, with the magazine receiving accolades from each industry and clients alike.

The Autocar India editorial team ranks a few of India’s maximum skilled editorial groups, generating everyday news and evaluations of modern automobiles and motorbikes. Hormazd Sorabjee is the Editor, with an enjoy of over 25 years in writing approximately cars; he has driven all of it, from a sixty-five-ton war tank to a Formula 1 automobile. Shapur Kotwal is Deputy Editor and a part of each magazine’s sizeable road checking out sports. Akbar Merchant leads the workforce of writers, who cowl all trendy scoops, launches, trends, and breaking information within the Indian automotive enterprise. He also supervises evaluating instrumentation and facts acquisition and has commanded the maximum experience as an avenue tester in India.

Autocar India’s month-to-month content material includes information, features, and captivating car tales. The magazine became the first to pioneer the concept of advertorials in India. It comprises the most important and liveliest categorized offerings phase among every monthly automobile mag. Autocar India promises to “Get you the right repair of heady cars and dish out thorough opinions of today’s vehicles and bikes on Indian streets.” The international of vehicles is thrilling to many of us. Autocar brings piquant tales and engaging capabilities, making it the have-to-examine mag for everybody interested in cars.

Autocar India has constantly remained genuine to its history with its exhaustive and authoritative street exams. The first-class in the business has grown from being just an automobile magazine to becoming a professional on any vehicle logo. The magazine boasts of a readership of extra than twice the readership available for the closest rival, making it, through some distance, India’s best-promoting automobile mag. But more rent than the number content that makes it India’s high-quality car magazine. Autocar is thought to be the simplest mag to offer a range in the direction of leading dailies like The Telegraph, The Hindu, The Hindustan Times, and Extra. Editor Hormazd Sorabjee also hosts the famous display of UTVi on vehicles and motorcycles.

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