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Scary or What? Can You Imagine the World Without the Internet?

The Internet has emerged as the maximum popular medium for communication and sharing records. It is a network of computer systems that might be related to every other, allowing data sharing. Nothing has connected and taken humans collectively on a common platform like the Internet. It has turned out to be one of the essential innovations within humanity’s records and has turned out to be a way of life for many people around the sector. Most human beings have grown to be used to depending totally on the Internet for almost the whole lot they desire to do, whether or not of their non-public or professional lives.

Life without the Internet might seem like a nightmare to most people now. So what might manifest if, one excellent morning, you awakened to find the Internet has no existence in any way to your lifestyle? How considerably might your lifestyles be impacted and adjusted? Before we adopt the laborious undertaking of imagining an international without the Internet, permit’s take a look at some essential Internet statistics and figures:

Facts About the Internet

➡ The United States has the third biggest range of Internet users (21%) within the globe, with Asia (36%) and Europe (29%) taking the first and 2d locations.

➡ Each month, around 390 million people in the US surf the Internet. According to the latest facts, on a median, someone spends around 27 hours a month online.

➡ Around 294 billion emails are despatched across normal. This amounts to two.8 million emails being despatched each 2nd, and 90 trillion emails sent yearly!

Google is the most widely used seek engine and is used to look for extra than one billion queries in keeping with the day!

➡ About 1/6 of the overall human populace uses the Internet at least once a month.

➡ In the mean, around 200 million Tweets are sent on Twitter daily.
➡ It would take over 1000000000 DVDs to keep the complete data that is available on the Internet.

➡ Every minute, greater than 70 hours of photos are uploaded on YouTube from around the arena.

Life Without the Internet

Considering the facts above and the worldwide Internet penetration, it might be a massive problem if the ‘Internet plug’ turned pulled out from our lives. We have emerged depending on the Internet for most things we want to do, be it learning, buying, socializing, or exciting ourselves. It has come to be a manner of life for lots of us. In the absence of the Internet, the consequences could be devastating. Here’s how the essential components of our lives might be impacted:


The effect of having no Internet on your overall living style could depend on how regularly you use it and what you use it for. If you were an Internet addict, you would find that your lifestyle has come to a halt. You might identify yourself strolling toward your library if you desire to find a place on the arena map. With no online facilities, a part of a while could be spent waiting in lengthy traces at banks, submitting areas of work, or government places. You might be looking ahead to days or weeks to your mail to reach from some other nook of the world. Suddenly, you will recognize that your rapid-paced existence is strolling at a snail’s pace.


Many people use the Internet to stay connected to their pals and family. If you had gotten very used to socializing online, you’d now be clueless as to how you may proportion the one’s photos of the recent trip you went on, along with your buddies, to unfold throughout the globe. It might be tough to fulfill and engage with humans residing outside your locality. You would need to manipulate by speaking to your own family and buddies over the telephone. With no online social media, you would frequently announce this – Let’s talk to them! You may additionally have to be a part of a membership or a community to your community to make new friends.


With no manner to communicate using emails, immediate messaging, chat, or social media, we would get into antique methods of speaking with humans. We could have to lodge the choice of a face-to-face interplay, cellphone verbal exchange, or sending and receiving snail mail.


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