Tech-savvy mobile thieves maintain technologically-challenged Delhi police officers on feet

A lack of the latest technical expertise, the various Delhi police officers are encouraging hello-tech cell thieves to steal telephones, alternate their IMEI numbers and resell them at a good-looking rate in the open market. These gangs are breeding properly beneath the nostril of the cops, who cannot do much as the thieves are technically sound. The alarming rise in robbery and the incapacity to crack such cases has become a prime challenge for the pinnacle cop-Amulya Patnaik. In the recent Beyond, Delhi Police busted some gangs stealing mobile phones from Delhi-NCR and converting the IMEI variety to using Chinese software. They resell such telephones within the open market for a handsome price.

A senior authentic of Delhi Police said:

“These hello-tech criminals are not engineers. However, they have got acquired know-how on their very own to douse the police. Earlier, they could be traced without difficulty once they attempted to promote stolen phones by inserting sparkling SIM playing cards. But now they’ve learned the procedure of changing IMEI range from the internet and began tampering with the gadgets.”


In keeping with facts, on average, around 150 to 2 hundred cellular telephones are stolen each day from the city; recently, the Delhi Police arrested gang members of stolen cell sellers with 65 stolen mobiles and gadgets used to trade the IMEI of stolen mobiles, destroy smartphone locks and flash Google accounts. These gangs paintings at four tiers: pickpockets and snatchers, receivers, engineers, and some other set of receivers who bought the phones, the officer stated. Other gadgets recovered from them had been: brand new electronic Gadgets–Octopus device, Z3X field, UMT Tool, BST tool, Ghost SIM, and flashing interface tool used to interrupt sample lock. Usually, those criminals price Rs two hundred-300 to trade the IMEI quantity and Rs 50 to seventy-five for flashing and unlocking the sample lock.


A rather placed supply in the department instructed Mail Today that during the crime evaluation meeting held inside the police headquarters, Patnaik had requested all the officials to provide you with a smart answer. Patnaik additionally stated that the core teams formed inside the district would be given a special education in the era.
It has been learned that the gangs who used to tamper with the IMEI numbers have been based totally on surveillance and floor policing. And as soon as those IMEI numbers had been tampered with, it became impossible to hit the stolen phones. Cyber specialists consider that there’s no permanent strategy to the trouble. “The smooth tampering of the IMEI quantity should only be curbed if the manufacturing organizations increase difficult-coded safety features. They may also choose hardware coding as it is achieved in the computers,” stated Mohit Yadav, a cyber professional.

Mobile Phone – A Necessity or an Addiction?

Oh! This might be a very standard query in this modern era. I could inform you that it has become a dependency instead of a necessity, mainly for younger human beings and kids. Though cellular telephones were initially used as a higher manner of the communique, they became critical in human lifestyles. It has given us many dramatic advantages and allowed us to transport ahead in conjunction with generation. This technological improvement precipitated many upgrades to traditional telephones that were used before. This development may be one of the reasons for mobile cell phone dependency, then a need.

Cell phones are one of the foremost technological instruments used extra often. Initially, it became the tool to be had by only a few human beings. Nowadays, nine out of 10 people personal a mobile smartphone, including faculty-going children. It is acceptable that it gives a higher mode of communication, saves time, allows manipulation of price range at the pass, is inexpensive, and is extremely convenient. But with these pros, which can be a part of necessity, a few cons make it a dependency. Mobile telephones must be an important part of your life; however, you should control your lifestyle. Until it is maintained as the critical component, it’s a necessity; once it begins to control your existence, you are in the hassle of addiction. Mobile telephone dependency can result in intense distress and result in severe physical problems that could reason permanent damage.

Points to recall to dispose of addiction and scientific issues

• Limit your utilization of cell phones. Set a precise time at which you ought to test notifications received. If feasible, attempt to customize reports.

• Delete unnecessary apps from your smartphone, like social media apps, as there are not that a lot essential.

• Avoid utilization of phones even as in mattresses. Try not to apply a cellular telephone for at least one hour before bed.

• Instead of using a smart telephone, better switch returned to conventional phones that are usually nice.

• Get into the real international and try to be part of human life. Start your verbal exchange immediately rather than through texting or calling.

• Usage of headset or speaker is higher as it can keep away from radiation.

• Children need to be now not allowed to use a cell telephone, alternatively have interaction with them in outside activities.

Prevention is usually better than getting cured. So try to manipulate yourself with mobile phone utilization and set some time restrictions to have a healthy courting with mobile telephones.


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