Top Ways to Entertain Your Dog

A dog is known to be a man’s best friend. It’s your responsibility as the owner to feed and entertain them. When dogs are bored, they usually find ways to engage themselves, including getting into trouble. Your neighbors can get inconvenienced, or you can get your house wrecked. Here are creative ways to get your dog entertained or busy:


Enroll Them in a Dog Obedience Training Class

Sometimes dogs do not know how to act in public. They can interrupt other people and animals when you’re out. As the owner, your first instinct would be to make them act a certain way so that they would listen, but if this doesn’t work, yelling at the dog would be the next resort. But yelling would push them away, so you must enroll them in a dog obedience training program to make them behave. Dog obedience training makes them listen to you and helps them get along with other people and animals.

Walk Them at a Local Park

Containing your dog inside the house is not suitable for their social skills. Take them to the local park to improve their social skills, exercise their muscles, relieve stress, and stimulate them mentally. This prevents boredom and destructive behaviors. Ensure you carry a plastic bag to scoop their poop during your walk. This ensures that the park is clean for you and the others.

You also get health benefits from walking your dog. Consider this as hitting two birds with one stone. Your dog can enjoy its surroundings while you also contact your health benefits.

Give Them Toys

Toys are a good distraction for your dog when you are not in the house. Choose toys that they’ll love and are of the correct size. Toys that are small in size can be a choking hazard. Stuffed toys are also dangerous because of their fillings because these fillings are not digestible. It would help to buy your dog toys—active, comfortable, and distracting.

Remember not to release their toys simultaneously because they get bored quickly. Only remove toys that are perfect for the scheduled activity they prefer now. You can put up a dog monitor to feel secure whenever you are away from home.

Take Them to a Lake or a Beach 

Dogs are naturally fond of water. It’s also good for them if they have arthritis and for their social skills as they get to explore their surroundings. Take your dog to the nearest dog-friendly beach or lake to expose them to water. Bring a plastic bag with you as well to scoop their poop. However, it would be best to keep an eye on your dog all the time as they can get carried by an underwater current.

Please take this as an opportunity to relax or picnic while your dog enjoys its surroundings. Bring their toys and treats with you so they can have choices of entertainment when they decide to take a rest from swimming or wading.

Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a way to entertain yourself and your dog while you are indoors. This game helps improve their sense of smell. You can hide their favorite stuffed toy in the house and reward them with a treat once they find it. Not only does this cure both of your boredom and helps you stay active. It’s a great way to interact with the family.

Like humans, dogs also have needs that must be fulfilled now and then. They require food, shelter, and social interaction to function normally. Because if they don’t, they develop destructive behaviors. You might think that being in your front or back yard is enough for outdoor activity, but dogs need to socialize outside your perimeter. You should be able to sense their needs as a responsible owner.

A dog’s behavior is dependent on how you treat them. If you treat them right, they’ll return the behavior. The destructive behavior of dogs becomes dangerous, especially if you have kids and older people in your home. That’s why you must exhaust all means to ensure they are well-mannered inside or outside your home. Your efforts will pay off once you see how they interact outside your home.

Jeremy D. Mena
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