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Why Should You Get a Travel Insurance For Your Honeymoon?

Rahul and Preity, a lovely couple in Bengaluru, finally married after months of convincing their parents. Everything was like a dream come true for them. They planned their honeymoon to the Maldives and were very excited. The day they were meant to go for their honeymoon, Preity met with a car accident. She was hospitalized and was in severe condition. Fortunately, Preity got fine after a few days, but they had to cancel their flight, hotel bookings, and everything else Rahul planned for his beloved wife. From a practical point of view, if we look at this situation, Rahul’s money invested in their honeymoon was a complete waste, and the hospital bills were an added expenditure. If Rahul had his trip insured with travel insurance, he could have saved money. So, don’t be the next Rahul and Preity; before you plan your after-wedding trip, do get the journey insured.

Reasons Why You Need To Ensure Your Romantic Getaway

An insurance policy can help protect your investment in your romantic trip. Depending on your chosen policy, you can get cover for various losses, such as trip cancellation, lost baggage, medical emergency, and others. Some of the major situations where you may need insurance for your trip include (but are not limited to) the following –

You met with an accident just a day before the trip:

With an insurance policy by your side, you can get the non-refundable fares paid and reschedule the trip later.

Your beloved wife gets sick at the romantic getaway destination:

An insurance policy would make it easier for you to pay the hospitalization and medical bills. If both of you get sick, the policy will make travel arrangements for your family member to fly to your destination and look after you.


Your checked-in luggage goes missing at the airport:

In such a situation, a travel insurance policy compensates the amount required to buy the permanently lost stuff.

You Are Called Back Home For An Emergency:

In this situation, all the trip expenses will be covered by the policy. With this, it is quite clear why you need an insurance policy for your after-wedding trip. So, after you have booked your trip, look for a policy. The sooner you purchase a policy, the sooner you’ll get covered against losses.

How Much Does It Cost?

The amount you pay for the policy depends on the type of policy you choose. For example, an approach that provides trip cancellation cover can range between 4% to 10% of the trip’s total cost. A policy offering only medical benefits can cost as little as enjoying dinner in a restaurant. Remember to call your insurer as soon as you encounter an emergency during your trip. Also, you should carry copies of your insurance coverage while on the trip. So, what are you waiting for? Pick the right policy today and get your trip insured.

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