WordPress plugin that turns blog posts into audio

Amazon these days is launching a brand new Amazon Polly WordPress plugin that offers your blog a voice by means of creating audio variations of your posts. The ensuing audio can be played from inside the blog put up itself, or accessed in podcast shape using a feature known as Amazon Pollycast, the employer says.

The plugin itself turned into jointly designed by Amazon’s AWS crew and managed WordPress platform company WP Engine and takes advantage of Amazon’s textual content-to-speech service, Polly.

First bought at Amazon’s re Invent developer event lower back in November 2016, Polly makes use of gadget gaining knowledge of technology below the hood to deliver the extra life-like speech. For instance, Polly is aware that the phrase “stay” would be suggested otherwise primarily based on its utilization. In the phrases “I stay in Seattle” and “Live from New York,” the word is spelled the same however isn’t always spoken in the same manner. That approach the voices sound extra natural than a few different, more simple voice-to-text engines.

The Polly speech engine released with forty-seven male and female voice and guide for twenty-four languages. Since then, Amazon introduced help for Korean, another 5 languages, and made Polly to be had in all regions within the AWS partition.

The era’s abilities have also advanced, with introduced help for such things as whispering, speech marks, a timbre effect, and dynamic variety compression. These sorts of voice technology improvements are also things that make Alexa sound extra herbal, too. Similar to Polly, Alexa learned the way to whisper and change the pitch of her voice in advance this yr.

The release of the WordPress plugin isn’t always the primary time Polly has been used to show virtual text to speech, of course. The provider itself has constantly been capable of turning any text – information articles, blog posts, RSS feeds, PDFs, and greater – into audio. However, making this capability available as a WordPress plugin makes Polly greater handy to a much broader target audience.

However, the plugin is only to be had to everyone walking their very own set up of WordPress on their very own infrastructure (hosted or controlled) or on AWS and does require a piece of configuration. That may additionally make it a chunk extra hard for much less technical kinds to use. (Instructions are here at the Amazon developer blog and on the plugin’s page.)

Once set up, the plugin makes calls to Amazon Polly every time a weblog publish is stored or updated.

In addition to in reality analyzing posts aloud, Polly’s flexibility means you may configure exceptional voices for distinct bylines, or use specific voices for quoted textual content – in case you’re technically-minded – those options aren’t to be had within the plugin itself. (Users can pick from the total selection of Amazon Polly voices to relate extraordinary bylines the use of the plugin. However, they can’t have unique voices within the identical analyzing.)

For podcasters, the plugin consists of a feature known as Pollycast that lets you manipulate the iTunes parameters which can be in the generated RSS feed, like the iTunes class, image, contact e-mail and explicit content flag.
The Amazon Polly plugin is loose, however using Polly is not.

Pricing is based totally on the variety of characters in the speech requests. It’s also worth noting the AWS free tier lets in as much as five million characters in line with a month at no rate for the primary yr once you begin to use Polly.

Almost every writer I realize has a weblog. They are wonderful writers, and what they’ve to mention is continually extremely good. Each one I read has a thing that I am mastering for the first time. The problem is frequently that the one’s blogs are frequently hidden or no longer promoted to get the visibility deserved.

So how can the blog owner do extra to gain that coveted visibility?

The solution is quite easy, and the method is straightforward to place into motion. All it takes is a bit little bit of time each day with remarkable consistency.

First, I want to mention, that scrambling around and setting your articles on article directories is a lot of labor, although it pays off in the long run. This is possibly something that you can do a chunk at a time. Don’t overload on trying to do the entirety with every article you placed on your weblog. Only choose your pleasant work and get it out there. That work will drive readers returned to your weblog after which they could study the opposite articles you have placed there.

Now, what can you do to make this system virtually easy and take little time?

1. Include a featured photograph together with your weblog article and positioned it through the SEO method. For a starter, upload alternate textual content for your image that is directed at your internet site. When a person hovers over the photo, the alt text that pops up must be your weblog URL. There are other things you may do right here as nicely however you would need to understand a portraits software to get into it. That is any other topic altogether.

2. Decide on your feature article for the week. This does no longer need to be each day chore, you need at the least one characteristic article that will be uncovered by the diverse advertising and marketing methods. This feature article wishes to be pleasing, academic, and push the target market into action. Entertaining could, in reality, be the manner your explicit your opinion or inform the tale, instructional is to offer your readers something they do not already recognize. The call to movement is to get them to do something to be able to be of gain to them and ultimately a benefit to you. The target audience is always first.

Three. Post your characteristic article on focused listing sites. The shotgun method can be OK for a generalist, however, most usually the extra targeted you’re with the exposure you are attempting to achieve, the higher your consequences.

Four. Have social sharing in a region when you submit your articles. This approach after you hit the put up button, the object is posted concurrently in other places inclusive of Facebook. LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and so on.

Five. Use your characteristic picture as a posting to Pinterest. If you are able, vicinity your blog URL at the bottom of the photograph and add a quote from your blog on a pinnacle. You have visible rates and notion scary ideas on photographs earlier than, why no longer brand it as your own.

6. As you in all likelihood recognize, Twitter posts live so long for 8 minutes. So posting there may not seem so appealing except you add this little trick. A post to Twitter that makes use of a photograph gets miles wider attain, consequently, you want to submit your function photograph separately from the car post for your blog article.

7. If you want to increase exposure even, in addition, flip your article into an audio application and use it as a podcast item as nicely. Post it to audible, iTunes, or other podcasting places. If you’re running on a weekly characteristic article application as I recommended, then that is a no-brainer. You get some distance greater publicity for the equal article.


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