4 Ways to Enhance the Appearance and Functionality of Your Bathroom

Like other areas of your home, bathrooms also deserve a revitalizing touch. It is a place where you start afresh morning every day and wash off your worries and woes every single night. But, if you use this place multiple times a day, it is wise to add creativity to the space and arrange for all the little things that can provide you with that sense of tranquillity and enhance the bathing experience. The best part is that you don’t need to shed thousands of bucks to transform it. You can easily achieve a million-dollar bathroom renovation look by updating the fixtures, painting the floors, installing smart storage solutions, and some mirror treatments. You can improve the functionality as well as the style of your bathroom by adding these simple elements –

Dual Flush System

It is a variation of the flush toilet that uses two buttons or a handle mechanism to flush different amounts of water. It is unique because it allows the user to handle solid and liquid waste differently. It is quite interactive as it aids in water conservation in countries with a water supply shortage. Installing such a system in your bathroom helps lower water bills and protect the environment for years.

Floor-to-ceiling Tiles

Tiles are luxury and practical options. They spare you from the burden of cleaning and maintenance and are appropriate for humidity-prone areas like bathrooms. The choices are extensive yet affordable, from natural stone to the white subway mosaic to faux wood. Even if you cannot use floor-to-ceiling tiles for most of your bathroom, try to install them in the shower at least, as it will give extra protection to the walls and look uber-chic. It will be a plus point during resale as well.


High Power Fan & Exhaust

Bathrooms usually get suffocated easily and start observing mold growth soon. An adequate ventilation system is the only solution to this. Installing a high-power fan is necessary for your bathrooms to dry out the areas quickly and keep them from humidity. A silent exhaust is another crucial thing to ensure that the toilets are discreetly ventilated and smell fresh. This may not be something your future buyers would notice, but it will save you from odor issues over time.

Walk-in Shower

If you have more money, consider adding a walk-in glass-paneled shower to create a luxurious modern statement. These glass panels will handle the entire water mess during your hot showers and give you that extra spa feels you long for. To add glam and create an inviting space, you can use granite tiles and high-end fixtures to leave your guests awed and relaxed.

Jeremy D. Mena
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