Jeremy D. Mena

Jeremy D. Mena

Alcohol geek. Future teen idol. Web practitioner. Problem solver. Certified bacon guru. Spent 2002-2009 researching plush toys in Miami, FL. Won several awards for exporting tar in Libya. Uniquely-equipped for managing human growth hormone in Libya. Spent a weekend implementing fried chicken on the black market. Spoke at an international conference about working on carnival rides in Miami, FL. Developed several new methods for donating jack-in-the-boxes in Edison, NJ.
Things To Do After a Car Accident 1

Things To Do After a Car Accident

Just because you've been in a car accident doesn't mean it's time to panic. Most people are just fine after an accident and only require minor treatment or nothing. If you've been injured, there are some things you should do immediately following the collision. And if someone else was driving your...
How to Bleed a Hydraulic Line 2
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How to Bleed a Hydraulic Line

Hydraulic systems are vital components in many machines and tools, providing power, stability, and mobility for many tasks. Unfortunately, these complex systems can sometimes suffer from faults that require maintenance and repairs to ensure proper operation. One such issue is when air gets into the hydraulic line, resulting in decreased...
Remember These Pointers Before Applying for a Personal Loan! 4

Remember These Pointers Before Applying for a Personal Loan!

A personal loan has drastically transformed the way people manage their money. People's priority has shifted from maintaining liquidity and saving in FDs to investing in equity, debts, bonds, and insurance. This has become possible only because emergency finance is now available for all in the form of instant loans....
Signs You May Need Air Conditioning Service 5
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Signs You May Need Air Conditioning Service

As the temperatures start rising, it's time to check your air conditioning system and ensure that it runs efficiently and effectively. An unmaintained or neglected AC system can cause many problems during summer when you need cooling the most. To avoid an uncomfortable summer meltdown, it's important to know the...
Video SEO Experts 10
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Video SEO Experts

Video SEO Experts practice optimizing videos for Google Search. Many people wonder if their video is ranking on page one of Google. Are they getting enough views? Is there anything they can do to improve it? You can find many SEO videos on YouTube, but which ones are the best?...
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