Changing the IP Address on a Mac OS X is Easy – We Tell You How

The simplest way to obtain your computer/pics public IP address, irrespective of your working device, you’re open the Google Internet site for your web browser and sort “IP Address” “n the seek”field. The first result with a purpose to be right away lower back could be your very own public IP deal.

It is unnecessary to strain at the significance of IP addresses, as anyone knows that it’s far importable to connect to the Internet these days without the appropriate IP configuration. That Apple computers and laptops traditionally never followed the popular IP; however, as a substitute, related to different gadgets using an exclusive, proprietary network layer protocol known as Appletalk, even until very few days, is a lesser-recognized reality.

Owing to the ubiquitous Internet Protocol (IP), Apple, in conjunction with the discharge of OS X 10.6 in 2009, discontinued the trend of encouraging the implementation of Appletalk by omitting its support in all devices. Unfortunately, Mac customers are not as familiar with the nuances of IP as users of other systems, and those who want to discover, configure or alter their Mac’s IP deal at short notice might be perplexed regarding a way to cross approximately it. The excellent news is that it is not as baffling as it appears and is, in truth, an easy venture that may be executed in a few smooth steps.

How to Configure/Modify Your Mac’s IP AddrMac’step 1

Launch the Apple menu byby clicking on the Apple icon at the pinnacle-left nook of your property display.

Step 2

Select System Preferences from the drop-down menu that opens.


** Alternatively, the System Preferences icon on the dock at the lowest display may be located and selected. It is the one that has the Apple icon with a switch beside it.

Step 3

Inside System Preferences, click on the Network icon. It is a globe-shaped icon. This is positioned in the 0.33 row from the top.

Step 4

In the open Network window, choose the community you are connected to from the listing at the left. It may be a Wi-Fi community or even an Ethernet connection.

Step 5

You will see a button in the direction of the bottom-right of the window labeled Advanced… Click on it.

Step 6

Out of the numerous tabs available on the top of the window, pick out TCP/IP.

Step 7

In this tab, discover the primary drop-down menu (the only adjoining to Configure IPv4) and trade the chosen option to ✔ Manually. This will let you modify your IP deal with Subnet Mask and Router (or, if you are putting in a brand new connection, configure the community manually).

Step 8

Save your adjustments via clicking the button categorized Apply, which’s positwhich’st the bottom-right nook of the window. Thus, as you can see, the best method to trade the IP cope with your Mac laptop or PC is an assignment, so one can infrequently take 5 minutes. The nice element is if you are a new Mac user, and in case you are harassed about what any icon/button/tab/feature represents, you may always click on the button labeled Assist Me… Positioned at the bottom of your screen, and it’s going toit’se to your rescue.

How to Perform this Task from the Terminal

An opportunity technique to configure or alternate the IP deal with folks who are either feeling adventurous, in any other case, people who are truly captivated with coding, is to use the Terminal. This command-line interface software that can be used to monitor and tweak device settings is positioned in the Utility segment of the Applications folder. Here is how you may change your Mac’s IP copeMac from the Terminal.

Suppose you are related to public Wi-Fi, or otherwise even a LAN, and you desire to exchange the IP address configured to your tool; however, you no longer want to specify the IP address your explicitlydevice needs to be assigned. You desire to recognize a way to get a distinct IP address assigned to your device. Here is how it could be achieved.

Method 1:

Type the following within the Terminal to request the DHCP server to assign your device an IP deal.

Sudo config set en1 DHCP

** en1 refers to the interface thru which your OS X tool connects to Wi-Fi. If you are the use of an Ethernet connection, replace “en1” with “e”0”.”Method”2:

“a) Your device could be assigned an extraordinary IP deal if you turn the interface down, after which it is up once more. This can be finished by way of typing the subsequent in the Terminal.

Sudo config en1 down;
sudo config en1 up

(b) If you wish to specify the IP cope with that explicitly you set on your Mac tool, right here is how it can be executed. Type the subsequent inside the Terminal.

Sudo config set en1 INFORM
You can update “” with the IP” deal you choose.

(c) To test what IP address configuration your device presently holds, kind both of the subsequent in the grip in

We desire you to locate our mini-guide beneficial. In case you’ve got anyou’veies, do now not hesitate to leave a remark.


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