Software program for pandal permission

Mumbai, February 8 (PTI) The Bombay High Court today asked the Maharashtra authorities to keep in mind adopting a “revolutionary” software being advanced via NMMC for nearby governing bodies to system programs searching for permission to erect pandals or temporary cubicles. A division bench of justices A S Oka and P N Deshmukh, listening to petitions relating to illegal pandals and obstructions because of them, was informed by using Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) that it changed into growing software to cope with such troubles.

Explaining its functioning, NMMC said that on receipt of online applications, the worried officer might first scrutinize them and spot if requisite documents are attached. Once glad, NMMC added, the officer could mark an application to the concerned police station, visitors police, and fire brigade department, who could be supplied with login IDs. “The involved police station, visitors police, and fireplace brigade department might, after verification, add their NOCs on the software program within ten days,” the NMMC told the court in a sworn statement.

After the NOC is received, the deputy engineer of the worried ward could go to the web page, take images and report his record approximately the pandal now not affecting site visitors’ movement and pedestrians within ten days after that. “Once the permission is granted, an email and SMS could be generated from the software and despatched to the concerned applicant with instructions to pay the costs online,” it said. After perusing the affidavit, the court stated it had become an “innovative” software program.

Software program

“The state government must go through this degree and see if the equal may be followed through all different municipal organizations and district councils,” the courtroom stated, posting the petitions for further hearing on March 1. PTI SP NP ABH. India is an amazing u. S . A. With limitless rituals and traditions and Indian weddings aren’t an exception. There are many Indian wedding ceremony rituals and traditions to solemnize the sacred bonds of marriage. Indian marriages are first-rate events for ingesting, feasting, and merry-making.

India is a huge u. S . With diverse cultures and castes. Indian wedding rituals preserve various steps with the bride and groom’s caste, network, and region. For example, you can observe an obvious difference between Hindu, Christian, and Muslim weddings. Whatever the way of life, the basic motto to desire couples a satisfied married life stays equal.

Indian wedding rituals have been inherited from the former generations over a long time and are considered sacred. Those traditions have some contemporary effects in the due path of time, but the basic tenets are nevertheless intact. For a higher insight into wedding ceremony rituals in India, we must undergo some customs.

Constructing pandal:

Pandals are small open guestrooms fabricated from cardboard, bamboo poles, and shinning cloth wrappings. The pandal is similarly embellished with flowers, lighting fixtures, and other accessories.

Inviting deity:

The couple and their households invite the deity for clean and problem-loose marriage. The bride undergoes a splendor remedy using a paste of Turmeric and sandals on pores and skin.

Chanting of mantras:

With the chanting of Vedic mantras, the week-long wedding lawsuits start in complete swing. The couple and their spouse and children pray to god for a clean, publish-marriage existence. The prayers also consist of a choice for youngsters and their well-being.

Pani-Grahana, Asmarohana and Lajahoma:

In the Pani-Grahana ceremony, the groom holds the bride’s palms as he retains her hands for life. In Asmarahona, the groom invokes the firmness of his spouse. In the Lajahoma ceremony, the groom pours rice into his wife’s palms, and together, they provide the rice to the holy god of fire.


In this ritual, the couple takes a spherical sacred hearth, asking Lord Agni’s permission for union. After that, they cross for seven rounds across the holy place.


It is one of the critical Indian wedding ceremony rituals wherein the groom ties the sacred thread around the bride’s neck. She has worn it throughout her life. Sometimes this thread is embellished with gold and diamond.

Griha Gravesham:

It is the ceremony wherein the bride enters her new home to start a new existence. The groom’s own family welcomes the bride ceremoniously. Indian wedding ceremony traditions appear as sacred affairs, and couples willingly comply with them with great admiration.

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