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From Weekday Warrior to Chill Weekends: Fun Things to Do on Your Days Off

If you’re not careful, you might let your weekend pass by in a blur, and before you know it, you’re back in the office, strapped in your seat for another weekday grind. Two days are long, but, to be honest, it’s not enough when you factor in the time you need to recuperate, have fun, and prepare yourself for the coming week.

Time used to rest is time not wasted, but you can still combine relaxation and fun by going on trips perfect for the weekend. When it comes to weekend trips, it’s either you go on a whim or plan it days ahead since it can be easy to fall back into your bed and spend your days off sleeping. To start planning, here are some weekend adventures you can do.

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Plan a Day Trip

Embarking on a trip even during your day off can also be exhausting, and if you belong to the population that needs a whole day of doing nothing before a Monday, you can plan a day trip instead.

You can devote your entire Saturday to an enjoyable travel experience on a camping ground or rent a boat for salmon fishing to have your dose of fun while still having Sunday as your rest day. By dedicating separate days for adventure and relaxation, you’ll get to recharge your batteries for the coming work week.

Start the Weekend Early 

Weekends are for sleeping in and lazing around, but you can also be ambitious and plan trips located far away from home and one that requires long drives. For those bound for a long journey, you might want to start your weekend early by clocking out of your shift on time on a Friday and heading straight to your destination.

Some fun things you can do are go to the beach and wake up on a Saturday morning caressed by the sea breeze or weekend amidst nature on a campsite.

Use Your PTOs

Personal time offs are your benefits as an employee that you can use not only when you’re ill. You can also file these when you need a much-needed break from the draining grind. Even on a hectic schedule, you deserve to rest.

Aside from leaving work early on a Friday, you can start the weekend at a much earlier time by taking the whole of Thursday and Friday off. However, to ensure work won’t pile on your desk once you get back in the office, you must finish all pending tasks and even begin a few to make things easier for your Monday self.

Get a Dose of the Sun

Spending most of your weekdays in the office and your offs cooped up in your home robs you off of the free vitamin D you can get by basking in the sun. Remaining bogged down to your desk with not much activity does not do good for your health in any way.

To reclaim your free doses of vitamin D, you can spend the weekend somewhere sunny and immerse yourself in healthy physical activities. For example, you can go hiking and not only get good exercise but also have your eyes feast on visually appealing landscapes.

Plan a Fun Day at Home

As much as possible, it’s better to spend your weekend outdoors for a change of scenery, but if your schedule doesn’t allow it, you can also be a homebody. When you think about it, there are plenty of enjoyable things you can do at home. You might think that having a relaxing spa day is only possible when you visit a salon and enjoy various treatments. Still, you can also experience those at home by purchasing spa essentials.

You can treat yourself to rejuvenating face and hair masks, get a foot spa, and even have a massage by calling a home service business to give you one without leaving your house.

Chill Before the Grind

After your Saturday escapade, you now have the whole Sunday to chill. It’s great to have a buffer between your weekend and weekday, which often falls on a Sunday. Your Saturday gave you plenty of time to unwind and take relief from work stresses; now, you must prepare yourself for another taxing workweek, but with a well-rested mind and fully-charged batteries.

When you give yourself time to breathe between work and having fun, you can perform better. Rather than engage in demanding activities on your last day off, you can choose to spend it in a relaxing manner. Your Sundays are the perfect time for you to bond with your loved ones at home, enjoy hearty meals, or catch up with recent movie releases and TV shows.

Plunging into the grind does well for your career, but you also need to consider your well-being. By dedicating your weekends to rest, you maintain a healthier mind and body.

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