How do teenagers really use Instagram, Snapchat, and different apps?

On maximum Too Embarrassed to Ask episodes, Kara Swisher and Lauren Goode answer your questions about client tech with an expert visitor. This week, they brought in professionals to speak approximately young adults and tech: The Verge’s Casey Newton, plus real-teen/Kara’s actual older son, Louie Swisher. Like mother like son — Louie minced no words while the hosts quizzed him on the whole lot, from Snapchat streaks to whether each person his age uses Facebook Messenger. “I have the app downloaded,” he stated. “I, from time to time by chance, open it.”

Swisher admitted he does use Facebook Messenger sometimes, but only because his college’s lacrosse crew has exceptional styles of phones. “Some people have Androids, and they’re now not amusing to have in-text institution chats because they smash it,” he said. “They make every message inexperienced, and you can’t add humans. So we use it as a conversation mode, but it’s disturbing because I don’t like Facebook.” However, he stated he loves Instagram Facebook owns that) and could, in reality, pick it over Snapchat if he needed to put off one of the apps.

“Snapchat, the most effective actual element that I care about is speaking me to people, and you can try this on Instagram by using direct messaging, or DM’ing, them,” Swisher said. “I can see what people are as much as I can have a look at humorous matters. You can concentrate on the new podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Spotify (mobile only), TuneIn, Stitcher, and SoundCloud. Instagram is my favorite app.”


On the new podcast, the institution also answered your questions about other apps for teens and phenomena like “fiestas” — non-public friends-handiest Instagram accounts. “People have an Instagram for what they need human beings to see, and then they have got a ‘fiesta for what they need their friends to peer,” Louie Swisher stated. “I in no way use my first, but several humans do lots — it’s wherein they submit stupid movies and stuff.” “So, wait, you have any other Instagram that I don’t recognize approximately?” his mother interjected.

“You attempted to follow it, but I didn’t receive your request.” When asked about apps that adults can be much less familiar with — such as Musical.Ly, Houseparty, and Live, me — Swisher said he didn’t see them having the staying energy amongst his friend companies that those app makers, in all likelihood, would like to look. “Musical.Ly and Houseparty each had a short life, I assume,” he stated. “Musical.Ly, you may file your self-singing and stuff and do dancing video, and those in my class preferred it loads, and then suddenly they didn’t.”

“I suppose I recognize what it is,” he introduced of Life. Me. “I’ve seen ads of it on YouTube, and it’s just appealing to people dancing. It’s a live-streaming carrier, but it seems like something you might find … On every other part of the internet.” Have questions on young adults and tech that we didn’t get to on this episode? Tweet them to @Recode with the hashtag #TooEmbarrassed, or email them to TooEmbarrassed@recode.Internet. Be positive to comply with @LaurenGoode, @KaraSwisher, and @Recode to be alerted while we are looking for questions about a particular subject matter.

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