State launches liquor fee cellular app

It would help customers check the rate and hotel a criticism
The Excise and Prohibition Department has made it hard for retail liquor store outlets to promote liquor at better than the constant Maximum Retail Price (MRP) throughout the State by way of launching two new initiatives here on Saturday.

One is Standardised and tamper-evidence MRP charts displaying the MRP of each of the 25 highest promoting liquor brands and 5 beer manufacturers in each location. The chart of the dimensions of 3ft x 2ft will should be displayed in the front of all liquor shops.

The 2d initiative giving energy to the customers is Liquor Price Mobile App which offers the MRP of 880 liquor brands to be had in Telangana. It helps the purchasers to recognize the suitable MRP of various liquor manufacturers and resort a complaint through a provision in the App or thru a WhatsApp number 7989111222.

Excise Minister T. Padma Rao released the app at the Secretariat.

The mobile app might assist the purchasers to check the fee and hotel a grievance just by using a click of a button.

Akun Sabharwal, Director, Enforcement, Excise, and Prohibition, said charts showing fees of liquor manufacturers must be saved in front of each shop in each English and Telugu. About 60% of liquor shops have already set them up and final too could observe the rule of thumb in multiple days. He said action would be on the spot in opposition to erring shops with a penalty of ₹2 lakh for the first offense and ₹2.5 lakh penalty for the second offense and the store would be seized for seven days.

The app offers the charge of liquor emblem-clever, amount-sensible and in case of any violation in charge, the customer may want to complain about the aid of giving the call and wide variety of the store and the app might capture the ultimate records and send it to the State Task Force in a metropolis.

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