List of Internet Search Engines

An Internet search engine is a statistics retrieval device that facilitates us locate information on the World Wide Web. WWW is an unstructured database, which is developing exponentially. The Internet seek engine indexes the statistics over the net to make it retrievable for the users.

List of Internet Search Engines

A9.Com: It is a seek engine from Amazon.Com. Its search results are derived from Live Search and Amazon.Com. Apart from having the features that many popular search engines like google and yahoo have, A9.Com includes effects from the books on Amazon.Com and has a unique potential of together with searches internal books.

Accoona: This is an Internet employer this is primarily based in New Jersey whose important product is a search engine. The unique function in their seek engine is its function of the use of synthetic intelligence for refining its searches. The search engine additionally offers commercial enterprise profile searches.

Alleva: Designed in 2001 with the aid of Andrew de la Serna, a Filipino web dressmaker, Alba is a Philippine seek engine that has helped a few of the Philippine websites to gain an exposure on the Internet.

AltaVista: This is the call of a seek engine enterprise and additionally their search engine product. In December 1995, the organization launched the hunt engine, AltaVista that offers awesome seek facilities as well as free translation offerings.

Amatomu: It is a blog seek engine that especially retrieves blogs generated in South Africa.

Ansearch.Com.Au: This seeks engine is the principle made of Research, an Internet business enterprise in Australia. It changed into previously known through the name, Mysearch.Com.Au. It focuses on the best of content, profiles websites and no longer simply the list of net pages and adheres to the recognition-pushed rating.

Araby.Com: It is an Arabic search engine that is owned with the aid of Maktoob Inc, an Arab Internet offerings employer.

Ask.Com: The unique idea behind this search engine become to provide the customers with solutions to their day-to-day questions. This search engine includes the searches from sites like Ask for Kids, Excite and MyWay.Com. Formerly acknowledged by means of the call Ask Jeeves, this search engine is one of the very popular search engines like Google nowadays.

AskMeNow: It is an American public corporation that offers mobile seek and cellular marketing facilities to its users. It’s efficient cellular search centers offer applicable solutions to person queries published in herbal language.

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Baidu: It is one of the famous Chinese search engines providing searches for websites, audio files, and pics. It is packaged with an encyclopedia and a dialogue-primarily based forum. It draws hundreds of thousands of visitors every 12 months.

Blinkx: Blinkx is the Internet seek engine that is used for looking audio and video content material. It makes use of the speech recognition techniques to enable the users to concentrate on the audio and video media over the Internet.

Bloglines: It is a web-primarily based news aggregator based via Mark Fletcher, former CEO of ONElist. It becomes brought to Ask.Com in 2005.

BlogScope: It is a seek engine supposed for looking blogs and has been able to index approximately a hundred and twenty million articles until 2007.

Bioinformatic Harvester: It is a bioinformatic meta search engine that employs page-ranking techniques much like Google.

Bixee.Com: It is an activity seek engine in India that become commenced in 2005.

Brainboost: It is a metasearch engine that uses the techniques of gadget language and herbal language processing and offers answers to questions put in natural language.

BTJunkie: It is a BitTorrent search engine that searches torrent files.

Business.Com: It is the Internet seek engine and internet directory that objectives the govt and corporate management audiences. It specializes in the commercial enterprise-to-enterprise marketplace and employs pay-in step with a click on advertising.

CareerBuilder.Com: This is the biggest on-line process site inside the United States that gives profession seek options.

ChaCha: It is a mobile answers service that uses human guidance in answering questions. It is primarily based in Indiana and became created by using Scott A. Jones, an inventor, and entrepreneur and Brad Bostic, the chairman of Bostech Corporation.

ChunkIt!: It is a personal search engine that is to be had within the shape of a downloadable add-on for browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Clusty: It is a meta search engine that became advanced through Vivisimo.

Cuil: This search engines like Google organizes the quest consequences with the aid of the content of the pages and shows long entries with snapshots for each result. This seeks engine, which was evolved by means of a number of the former personnel of Google, claims to put into effect a privateness policy wherein the users’ search sports are not stored.

DataparkSearch: This search engine organizes searches inside an internet site, in companies of websites or a community. It is a unfastened software program written in the C language.

Daylife: It is an information aggregator. In simpler phrases, it could be referred to as information-browsing engine that gives get admission to the articles and pics from a wide variety of resources.

Dogpile: It is Infospace’s flagship metasearch website online that serves as a meta search engine fetching consequences from some of the SERPs like Google, Yahoo!, Ask.Com and others.

EBI’s Search Engine: It searches over the organic databases and ambitions at offering unfastened bioinformatics services and education.

Egothor: It is an open supply search engine that acknowledges many of the commonplace record formats and has a high potential crawler. Being written in Java, it permits cross-platform compatibility.

Eluta.Ca: It is a process seek engine for the activity opportunities in Canada. It was set up with a motive to make task bulletins that can be searched by means of every job seeker inside the USA.

Entrez: It is a federated search engine that searches over a wide variety of databases on topics which includes health, genetic inheritance, biomedicine and population study.

Eurekster: This corporation based totally in New Zealand builds social search engines like google and yahoo, which might be called ‘wikis’.



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