Prioritizing Safety: Celebrating Meaningful Occasions amid a Crisis

Celebrating special occasions with family and friends has always brought incomparable happiness to event hosts. Knowing they can spend time with their loved ones and make beautiful memories is a priceless reward. Unfortunately, with today’s coronavirus threats, people hesitate to plan their next event.


Unlike before, people can’t simply invite everyone to celebrate special occasions. Some individuals even prefer to skip planning parties because they believe it’s better to stay home and avoid accepting visitors. This may be the case, especially when people are trying their best to avoid the risk of catching the virus.

However, you need to realize that there are still some ways where you can celebrate with your loved ones. The key is to make sure that you prioritize health and safety while preparing for the event.

Event Planning under the New Normal: Dealing with the Pandemic

The coronavirus disease remains a global threat. Thus, it’s only natural to feel scared and anxious whenever you think about crowds or gatherings. However, the thought that you must cancel parties because of the possible threats may make you sad and regretful.

Thus, you must develop a reliable plan to ensure that you can still happily celebrate special events with your loved ones. This means you must find the best way to adjust to the new normal while ensuring you can still enjoy the party. To give you an idea, here are a few practical recommendations that you can use when planning your event:

  • Find an ideal venue to accommodate event attendees.

Consider scouting for ideal venues for your event. Whether you are planning a wedding, a birthday party, or another occasion, ensure the platform can accommodate all your guests. Also, consider choosing an outdoor venue instead of an indoor event. This way, you reduce the risk of having crowds of people during the event. Coordinate with your venue provider to determine the dos and don’ts during the party.

  • Consider having an intimate celebration instead of a grand one.

Consider limiting your guests to a small group instead of inviting everyone to join your special event. Let your family and closest friends attend your party. You can use online options if you want other people to witness your event. For instance, you can initiate a group video chat or perform a live stream using social media platforms. The goal here is to ensure you can still share the special moments with others who can’t attend your event.

  • Inform guests about proper protocol before the actual event.

When giving out invitation cards, include information about simple rules about following health protocols. For instance, guests are expected to check their temperature and sanitize their hands upon arrival. With this, your event attendees will know what to do when arriving at the venue. Also, they won’t feel confused about why they need to follow specific protocols during your event.

  • Partner with reliable event suppliers and vendors

Consider hiring suppliers or vendors who know how to adjust to COVID-19 protocols. This means you need to ensure they are practicing strict protocols to prevent the spread of the virus and protect their clients. For instance, you can contact a local event rental supplier for party chairs and tables. You can also hire an event coordinator to ensure you are guided accordingly about adjusting to the new normal. In short, work with experts who prioritize health and safety so your event will be memorable and successful.

  • Go for a sit-down dining option instead of a buffet type

For the food, avoid getting a buffet-type setup. Consider going for a sit-down dining option where guests must wait for their food to be served rather than roaming around to get their meals. This way, you promote food safety and sanitation during your event.

Following these simple steps can help you enjoy a memorable party with your loved ones. The key is to make sure that you pay close attention to the guidelines set by experts in the events industry. Also, make sure that you prioritize health and safety above all else. Remember, nothing matters more than the lives of your family and the people that you care about. Thus, do your best to plan a special event that will not compromise anyone else’s health and safety.

Jeremy D. Mena
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