Are You Really Ready to Live on Your Own?

Living alone can be fun. It’s one of the best ways to bask in your independence. You get to do whatever you want in your home and decorate it however you like.

But along with the perks of living alone, there will also be challenges you otherwise won’t encounter if you live with someone. Knowing these challenges is important to better prepare yourself for when you start to live on your own and maybe even develop contingency plans just in case.


Doing Chores by Yourself

When you live with your family, you can distribute household tasks. For example, one sibling will sweep the floor while another will take the dog for a walk. The same can be done if you live with roommates. Each person will have a task to ensure the cleanliness of the shared home.

But when you live alone, you’ll have to do all the chores by yourself: cooking your meals, laundry, cleaning the house, etc. Doing everything on your own is very tiring. And given that most of your day will be spent on school and work, you won’t have enough time to do everything.

In this case, the best thing to do is to make a schedule for your household chores. Identify which days are for laundry, general housekeeping, and other tasks.

Doing Repairs by Yourself

Aside from chores, you’ll also have to learn to repair things in your home independently. Some of the most common issues that need immediate repair include leaky faucets, faulty plumbing, cracked walls and concrete, and many more.

Of course, you can always call an expert to help you address the issues in your home. For instance, it would probably be more cost-effective to book reliable and experienced hydro-jetting drain cleaners to fix your clogged drains instead of doing it yourself, especially if you have no experience.

But for many of the problems you may encounter, you can fix yourself. For example, you can change doorknobs independently instead of calling a locksmith. You can also change a leaky faucet yourself if there is an urgent need. And it may be more practical to do these things yourself to save money. Not to mention, having that experience will help you next time if you experience that problem again.

Being Alone

It’s normal to feel lonely when living alone. But in most cases, it’s easy to fix. You can grab your phone and scroll through social media, talk to your friends, watch TV, or stream your favorite TV series and movies. But what can be difficult is the idea of being alone.

Scientifically humans are social beings. We need the company to survive and thrive. So while you can choose to live alone, you must ensure you don’t detach yourself from others. To avoid feeling alone, you can invite your friends over from time to time while following COVID-19 protocols. You can also befriend your neighbors so that you have people to socialize with, even just for some small talk.

Expensive Living Expenses

Living alone means you’ll have to pay for everything for yourself. You don’t have someone to share bills with, whether mortgage or rent, utility, insurance, etc. Sure, the fact that you’re living alone means some expenses will be lower. Still, having to shoulder everything can be heavy on the finances.

Thus, before you decide to live independently, you must do a financial checkup and ensure you have enough to support yourself. You can also be practical with the things you buy. For instance, purchasing certain items in bulk will save you money in the long run.

Fear for Personal Safety and Wellness

Something is reassuring about having companions at home. If you get sick or accidentally injure yourself, you can rely on someone to help and care for you. In addition, people who live alone are more fearful of property crimes. And it’s easy to understand why. Being alone can make you more vulnerable.

But thanks to technology, you can feel more secure by installing a robust security system in your home. You can put a CCTV outside your home for easy monitoring. It would help if you also set security detectors and alarms in your home.

Everything in life has challenges. Living alone is no exception. But these challenges can be easily overcome with the proper preparations and contingency plans.

Jeremy D. Mena
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