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Recap and analysis from the Red Raiders win over the Wildcats

After a sloppy first half for the Red Raiders tied with the Wildcats at 27, they switched gears inside the 2nd half. Keenan Evans confirmed his management, scoring 14 of his 19 points inside the 2nd half to go along with five turnovers average. He became extra aggressive going to the basket and the free-throw line, putting the tone early to begin the half. Zhaire Smith had a 6-0 run by himself in the 2d half, along with a nice finger roll on a fast wreck he led. Tommy Hamilton had his excellent capturing performance of the season, shooting 4-four from the perimeter and completing 14 factors in 18 minutes. Tech changed into locked-in on the protecting stop for the whole second 1/2. They allowed the Wildcats to score the best 20 points for the half, shoot 5-19 from the sphere and not score for the final four mins of the game. Tech’s protection could make them compete with nearly any crew in the united states.

1. A wild day in the Big 12

We saw Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Kansas all lose on Saturday. All of those groups were atop the Big 12 standings. With all those groups losing, Tech needed to make a declaration and get a large win on the street with Kansas State in the coronary heart of the standings. With tonight’s success, the Red Raiders now have sole possession of 1st region within the convention. Kansas has been the king of the Big 12 for the past 13 years. Tech now has a super opportunity to dethrone the Jayhawks as they own the tiebreaker. The Jayhawks will tour Lubbock for a showdown on January 24th.

2. Stay on the path

Tech basketball is starting to obtain greater countrywide recognition. Many did not have them as one of the ten quality groups u. S . A. As convention play is nearing the home stretch, the Red Raiders now have a goal on their return. Teams are going to push Tech to its limits. They have to stay in that direction and no longer trade up. Sticking to the game plan has gotten them this far, and they seem to be up for the project. Tech can go into March Madness as a #1 seed if their play maintains up.

Everyone my age remembers Andy Griffith as Sheriff Andy Taylor on the antique Mayberry TV display. A gunless sheriff beloved by way of all in a small southern city (which, curiously sufficient, contained no black people) solved all kinds of problems while looking to improve a younger boy on his personal. The whistling theme song has burned itself into loads of brains. And there was the later elder Griffth, who stared because of the lawyer Matlock in a TV display of the identical call. But within the early 70’s Sheriff, Andy starred in made-for-TV horror movies that took him on a one-of-a-kind path: a psychopathic manipulator with electricity and money. In some ways, these roles were a go back to the sooner one he’d played because of the sinister “Lonesome” Rhodes in A Face within the Crowd (1957).

Both films were launched in 1974. The first, Savages, had Griffith Gambling, a disabled legal professional who hires a local youngster as a hunting manual. The 2nd, Pray for the Wildcats, had him dirt biking across Baja California with William Shatner, Marjoe Gortner, and Robert Reed. Both movies stunned many humans after they first hit the little screen. Imagine a family turning on the film of the week, waiting for greater down domestic united states witticisms, and seeing a leering lunatic.


Savages were primarily based-off the 1973 novel Death Watch through Rob White. In the film, Andy Griffth plays attorney Horton Maddock, desperate to get into the desert to seek bighorn sheep. Ben Campbell, the young manual he hires, is performed via Sam Bottoms. Although Maddock has a little problem getting around, he briefly informs Ben that he’s made a fortune by using his mind. He’s usually smartly dressed in khaki bush garments and sports a painted grin whenever addressing a person.

Several days into the search, Maddock accidentally shoots an antique prospector who takes the place to be Ben’s pal. Maddock wants them to bury the frame and fake it in no way occurred. He’s afraid that if the phrase got out, it’d jeopardize his legal career. Ben refuses and plans to take the body returned to town, even turning down a coin’s bribe. But suddenly, Maddock conceives a plan accountable for the loss of life on Ben and sends his younger guide out into the barren region by myself with barely any clothes to die of dehydration. It then will become a game of the hunter and the hunted as Ben uses his survival capabilities against Maddock.

Savages is virtually a good adaptation of the Rob White ebook. However, the useless prospector is delivered inside the movie as Ben’s buddy and mentor. Even inside the e-book, he is only a random antique man who came about to get within the manner of Maddock’s goal. The description of Ben’s survival techniques is some distance greater explicit inside the ebook. However, that is a minor point. There is handiest so much you can do with a 74-minute film.

Pray for the Wildcats additionally had Andy Griffith in a sinister function. It’s famous for having many TV actors in parts for which they have not been typically found. Sam Farragut (Andy Griffith), William Summerfield (William Shatner), Paul Mcllvian (Robert Reed), and Terry Maxon (Marjoe Gortner) are four pals who spend the weekends motorcycling across the returned you. S . A. On their dust bikes. William, Paul, and Terry all work on the identical marketing enterprise, and they may be seeking to get Sam, a producer, to sign up with them.

William has an affair with Paul’s spouse (Angie Dickinson) and is being pushed out the door from his government function. Terry is a growing megastar who’s discovered his girlfriend is pregnant. And Sam may not be near the organization’s address till the opposite three comply with taking a cross-us of a bike ride through Baja California.

They all agree to spend every week on the road, first getting photographed in their monogrammed “Wildcat” leather jackets. But the experience turns awful when Sam, the self-anointed leader of the institution, takes an excessive amount of fancy to a hippy chick at a Cantina. William manages to pull him out of a fight, but Sam has determined he will have that girl somehow. And Terry is willing to do something to get Sam’s favor. He desires to go domestic and returns to ignoring his spouse. Paul?

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