Refrain From Making these Common Mistakes Following a Car Crash

A car crash is a traumatic occurrence that puts us through serious injuries, discomfort, financial loss, and perhaps a job loss. While for the driver, it’s just another regular occurrence. When you are stuck at home with stacks of bills, your only support is to file a lawsuit against the driver and claim compensation. This way, you can get compensation for hospital bills, missed earnings, and other expenses like automobile repair. However, dealing with a lawsuit is not everyone’s cup of tea; it is strenuous and time-consuming.

Car Crash

You must plan ahead to ensure that there are no blunders or roadblocks in your quest to repay losses. It might need you to handle insurance agents, police investigations, and witnesses, among other things. Uncertainty may challenge you, such as a witness who cannot appear in court at the last minute.

So, in this case, your lawyer should be savvy enough to have a witness’s prerecorded video conference submitted by court reporters during the trial. This might tip the scales in your favor, and justice would be served.

Since the procedure is lengthy, complex, and painful, you will become overwhelmed and make silly mistakes. When mistakes are committed, your chances of receiving a complete claim are reduced. Here are the most common but important things to watch out for to avoid losing a jury trial:

Not Calling 911

It is usual for anyone to feel terrified and put things behind them after a car accident. Hence, many sufferers do not seek help, which is a big mistake. Call the police to get the event legally recorded if you are conscious. The record is solid evidence in court and simplifies the procedures for you.

Additionally, when met with a car accident, your reflexes are rapid and natural. Therefore, a phone call with a police officer in such a situation speaks volumes. Thus, these recordings during the court trial come in handy and assist you in holding the driver accountable for his mistakes.

Not Seeking Medical Help

Regardless of the severity of the injury, it would be best to get medical attention immediately. To begin with, you may believe that your damage is not significant enough to warrant a visit to the doctor. But you never know if what appears to be nothing could worsen with time, so it’s better to get it addressed right away.

Second, failing to seek medical attention indicates that the injuries are not severe enough to demand compensation. To avoid problems throughout the court proceedings, seek medical attention and further treatments as directed by the doctor.

Signing Documents without a Lawyer

You are not a lawyer, so you cannot grasp the paperwork prepared by the defense counsel. Never try to settle a car accident privately or sign any documents in the absence of your lawyer, no matter how urgent it is. This will spare you from surrendering claims and revealing sensitive information.

Not taking Photos/Videos (Only if you are conscious)

Take photographs and videos of the accident site, automobile damage, and injuries before and after surgery to support your case. This could perhaps work to your benefit and win you total compensation.

Posting on social media

You may not know it, but defense attorneys and insurers constantly seek evidence against you. They don’t even spare social media. Therefore, keeping your social media activities to a minimum is better. Did you go to an adventure park just after the accident? Then refrain from posting the photos/videos. This might cost you a lawsuit and compensation.

Sharing Information

It is natural for you to discuss an unpleasant event to relieve pain and find comfort. However, it would help to be cautious about sharing information with others. Do you trust the person? Or perhaps an inquiry by defense lawyers and insurers? It is essential to keep the specifics to your lawyer to avoid disclosing facts that might turn the case against you.

But don’t keep the information from the cops and EMS; that would be a glaring mistake. These people can be trusted; their records and statements regarding the accident are solid proof.

Admitting Fault

Do not say anything that may be seen as you accepting responsibility. To avoid weakening your case, be cautious about what you say to insurance agents, defense attorneys, police, and drivers.

Settling for Less

Typically, the insurance agent of the liable driver will present you with a check or a settlement offer following the accident. Kindly do not accept it and consult your lawyer to handle the situation. The initial settlement or offer is always less than the appropriate amount. So, instead of settling for less, demand more.

Don’t let physical, mental, or economic stress influence your decision. Attempt to retrieve every penny you lost due to the accident. Don’t let the faulty driver go unpunished.

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