The Best Free Photo Editing Apps on Android

Today, anybody uses their telephone to click photos, meaning the marketplace is flooded with photo editing apps. If you just got an Android cellphone and are searching for an app that helps you touch up your photos, this first-rate image editor listing includes you. We selected three images — a selfie, a shot of a lodge room, and a photograph of a mountain — and ran them thru each app to check out their modifying prowess. We downloaded many picture editing apps and attempted to focus on apps that provide something specific or are first-class amongst those with a similar function set. We’ve discovered first-rate free picture apps on Android, and you could download some of those to take your photo editing abilities to the following level.


For most, using a separate photo editing app will be too many paintings. Instagram realized this long ago as it introduced a suite of editing tools to its app, which started as a place to feature easy filters on your pictures. The app lets you adjust your photographs’ saturation, sharpness, comparison, and other matters. We like the simplicity of the app’s editing tools loads, even though Instagram is such a success that you can occasionally recognize the filters simply by searching on the resulting pix.


Snapseed is a Google-owned photograph editor that assists JPG and RAW format pix. This can be beneficial if you shoot with a DSLR camera and need an app to edit those photos on the go. The app may also appear easy, but it has some cool editing functions, such as the capability to adjust levels and curves, which will expose this app with a shocking intensity of editing features. To deliver an example, it has a feature that lets you set eight control points on the photo and selectively observe improvements to every point on the picture. The app makes it clean to mention, blur a part of the picture, and correct underexposed photograph details.


Vasco is a simple, proper photo-enhancing app for iPhone and Android. However, it takes a while to get used to. This app had all of the editing gear of Instagram before the Facebook-owned image app did. We like Vasco’s range of filters more than those offered by Instagram, and the app has a strong network of cellphone picture enthusiasts if you want to see what people can do with the app.


Autodesk’s Pixlr is a pretty appropriate app for basic image editing. The app has a neat interface that makes it easy to locate results and filters to apply. We observed a handy tool called “Pixelate” that permits you to quickly blur out any part of an image, apart from smooth-to-apply agencies to edit the picture. We also favored that they use easy terms, including “Brighten” and “Darken,” to name all of their modifying equipment, making the app extra on hand to all and sundry.


Aviary has an excellent UI and great tools in a highly clean-to-use bundle. It lets you add frames and stickers, apart from the usual beautification and enhancing tools. The interface is the megastar of the display for this app, and we advise it because of this on my own. For example, Aviary has a one-tap “Enhance” function that does a few coloration corrections and primary brightness and saturation modifications to the photo. It also makes it easy to doodle at the photograph, besides installing all modifying equipment under the picture in smartly sorted classes.

Lens Distortions

This unusual app lets you add some wonderful outcomes to your photographs. You can add effects to your pictures, including a mild source, fog, and rain. These results are very realistic — you should see those to trust how real some outcomes appear. The app lets you upload layers to stack up numerous effects, which is a great function for individuals who like heavy editing. Lens Distortions is a loose app that prices a monthly subscription for premium consequences. The Android version of this app remains in beta. However, it worked first-class in our tests.

APUS Camera

This Digicam app is targeted more toward casual customers of picture apps, as one looks at its UI exhibits. The app has college, makeup, and filters, which do what the names recommend. It also has an amusing function that lets you click on a picture, after which it tries to tell your age and gender primarily based on that. If you are greater approximately enhancing selfies and want an amusing app for your snapshots, APUS Camera does the task quite well. Alternatively, you could check out Meitu on Android and iPhone or Photo Lab on Android.

Some apps, including Prisma and PicsArt, also are well worth finding out. However, those apps weren’t as accurate as our top alternatives in this listing for image enhancement. Some paid apps, such as SKRWT (Android, iOS), offer neat equipment and lens distortion correction if you need a few precise devices that the loose apps we’ve endorsed don’t have. We checked out plenty and plenty of apps to bring together this list, but there are such many image editors on Android that we’re positive we missed a few. Which is your preferred photograph-enhancing app on Android? Let us understand through the remarks.

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