The Best Things About Living in St. Albert

St. Albert is an incredible city that surprises anyone who lives here.  Not only are the houses far more affordable than you’ll find in nearby Edmonton, but a large number of jobs, and great outdoor spaces, ensure you feel like you’ve arrived in paradise the moment you land.

St. Albert

These are the best parts of living in St. Albert and why you should consider a move sometime soon!

Excellent Walking Trails and Natural Parks

The most important thing for many people in modern life is balancing work and play.  A fantastic way to do that is to invest in living in a city like St. Albert.  This suburb has countless parks, walking trails, and wildlife sanctuaries, ensuring you can walk in the wild without traveling far.

The nursery and local gardens ensure that you can see a large selection of plant life, which is an excellent go-to destination for kids curious about the world.

Low Crime Rates and Walkable Neighborhoods

Crime rates are a big deal because they can decide how safe you feel in your home.  The low crime rates in St. Albert ensure you can walk down your street in the middle of the night without fearing what could happen to you.

Kids can enjoy playing safely outside; this is made even better by the slower and less chaotic traffic, which keeps everyone safer than most big cities can manage.

Close Proximity to Edmonton and Industry Jobs

Edmonton is a dream come true when it comes to jobs.  Although St. Albert real estate is more affordable, higher-paying jobs and more interesting work can only be found in Edmonton.  Downtown Edmonton is less than twenty minutes from most of St. Albert, allowing you to start fresh and enjoy doing work that interests you, not simply doing whatever is nearby and available.

A Fantastic Roster of Festivals and Events

There’s a lot to do and see in St. Albert!  Although there’s no event quite as significant as the Calgary Stampede three hours away, St. Albert has its fair share of concerts, musicals, live theater, and other entertainment that will excite your heart and excite you to see more.

The arts and culture in this suburb are fantastic for anyone who wants to give back to their community and support local theaters while also having the opportunity to watch world-class acts whenever they come to town.

The Growing and Changing Real Estate Market

Property prices are wild, but St. Albert has seen incredible growth in the 2020s!  The growing market here means that when you purchase your property, you can rest assured that this investment will pay off and you’ll be able to profit from your property.

Living In St. Albert is a Dream Come True

St. Albert might not be what you expect out of the suburb of such a large city: but it’s proud to surprise and excite anyone who stops in.  Consider moving to this slice of paradise, and you’ll never want to leave again!

Jeremy D. Mena
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