Thursday Round-Up: Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner Featured In The MMQB

Here’s an observation of what’s “out there” for nowadays — Thursday, June 29 — approximately your Seattle Seahawks: Read Bobby Wagner Featured In The MMQB. To have fun Smarter Football Week, Jenny Vrentas of Peter King’s The MMQB put Seahawks All-Pro and Pro Bowl linebacker Bobby Wagner under the spotlight for his exceptional intellectual understanding and feel for the game.

Throughout the piece, Vrentas breaks down a few of Wagner’s pleasant performances from the 2016 season with an added observation from Wagner himself. It’s a fascinating article on how Wagner prepares for games and identifies tendencies from opposing teams. Here is an excerpt from the piece you need to revel in: Wagner spends more hours in line with the week watching a movie than he does on the exercise subject, choosing small indicators that give him a bonus on the sphere. There are sure offensive players inside the league who,

Wagner says to tighten their gloves before the snap if they recognize they may be going to get the ball. Wagner mentally logs which backs prefer to reduce the left or the right and which linemen have a problem blocking in the direction of a positive course. The pleasant gamers look equal no matter the play or their duty, but many warfares without even knowing the secrets they’re leaking.

The intention, Wagner says, is constantly to be one step beforehand. He attempts to reflect the going for walks and lower back movements on run plays. He can pay near interest to the back’s first step because, depending on the offensive system, sure run performs require certain footwork. The lower back’s shoulders also can be telling: Staying square to the road means the returned can live the front-aspect or cut lower back on the run between the tackles, whereas a back on a one-reduce-and-pass out-of-doors run will flip his shoulders and take off hard in that route.


Danielle Kunkle was featured in Benefits Selling Magazine.

Danielle Kunkle is the co-proprietor and vice president of Boomer Benefits, a family-owned agency specializing in Medicare-associated coverage products. In 2008, she became one of the best handful of agents within the country to be named a recipient of the AARP/Aetna Service Superstar Award. She is likewise the co-founder of ComedyCE.Com and has publicly spoken approximately about Medicare and health care reform at hundreds of company agencies, agent chapters, and network corporations around Texas.

An identified leader within the Medicare region of the health insurance industry, Danielle is an active member of the National Association of Health Underwriters. She serves on the country board of directors, where she is the editor of the TAHU News insurance industry mag. In the neighborhood Fort Worth chapter of the Association, she has additionally served on the board for several years.

During that point, she has received numerous accolades, such as Outstanding Member of the Year, Recruiter of the Year, and is currently the President-Elect for the 2011-2012 bankruptcy yr. She has been featured in Benefits Selling Magazine. Danielle is a summa cum laude graduate of Texas Christian University. In her spare time, she participates in volunteer activities on the board of directors for the Tarrant and Dallas County Adult Protective Services and the TCU Guild.


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