Hasina featured among world leaders in US book

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been featured in an e-book unveiled in the USA on Tuesday as one of the arena’s 18 modern-day girls’ national leaders. Along with six other international leaders, the top minister’s photograph changed into revealed on the quilt page of the e-book “Women Presidents and Prime Ministers,” said a press release of the Bangladesh Embassy in Washington. Leading US rights activist and educator Richard O’Brien authored the e-book unveiled at Woman’s National Democratic Club (WNDC) in Washington DC for foreign diplomats, women leaders, and consultants of civil society.

The author committed three pages to characterize Sheikh Hasina’s willpower and hard struggle to restore democracy and vote-casting rights attempts on her life and historical achievements because of the three-time high minister of Bangladesh. O’Brien praised the Bangladesh premiere for dedicating herself to creating Bangladesh “greater solid, extra-democratic and much less violent”, referring to her comments, “When I was capable of establishing Bangladesh as a poverty-loose u. S . A ., a starvation-free United States of America, possibly then I may additionally say I am proud”.

The book mentioned her family history, pronouncing “her father Sheikh Mujibur Rahman became the founding father of the current Bangladesh country and its first president” and narrated the 15 August 1975 carnage while “best Sheikh Hasina and her sister (Sheikh Rehana) survived.” O’Brien recalled that Sheikh Hasina lowers back domestic in 1981 from exile while she stood towards election fraud and oppression. She was elected to lead the Awami League but faced torture and repression and changed to house arrest within the Eighties.

He stated regardless of being repressed with the aid of the then regime, Sheikh Hasina remained so effective that in 1990 a coup chief stepped down at her insistence, referring to the autumn of the Ershad government. In 2004, the author stated that she changed to focus on an assassination attempt in Dhaka that killed many humans. In 2007 she changed into arrested however launched in time to face for election in 2008.

Despite barriers, he stated that Sheik Hasina and her administration accomplished several responsibilities, such as the groundbreaking “Chittagong Hill Tracts Peace Accord” in 1997, banned landmine usage, and helped chair the “Micro-credit score summit,” the crucial monetary movement benefitting women. He also mentioned Sheikh Hasina’s global popularity for promoting peace and democracy. She was awarded the “Mother Teresa Award” and the “Gandhi Award” Richard wrote Featured Member of the Day on IBOToolbox!

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