Traditional healer sentenced to existence behind bars

NEWCASTLE – A 62-yr-vintage man and a 27-12 months-vintage man sentenced within the Madadeni Regional Court in Newcastle to imprisonment in two separate rape cases, KwaZulu-Natal police said. “In March 2016, a 14-yr-old boy changed into very unwell; his elders took him to the local conventional healer as they idea he’ll able to therapy him,” Lt-Col Thulani Zwane stated. “The healer advised the family that there’s something wrong with the boy, and they have to convey him to his residence every night time. The sufferer went there for 3 nights in a row. After that, the victim refused to return. The own family then questioned him as to why he did no longer need to move returned.

“He informed them that the reverend is raping him every night time, claiming that it’s miles a healing system. The elders pronounced the matter to the police, and the docket became transferred to Newcastle’s own family violence, baby safety, and sexual offenses [FCS] unit for similar research. “The suspect become arrested right now and become stored in custody till his trial. He becomes the convicted and sentenced [this week] to lifestyles imprisonment for rape,” Zwane stated. In an unrelated case this week, the same court docket sentenced a 27-year-antique guy to lifestyles imprisonment for raping a 12-12 months-antique lady, he stated.

In May 2012, the sufferer became domestic within the Blaaubosch location at Osizweni with her more youthful brothers and stepbrother. “The younger brother observed his sister sitting at the stepbrother’s lap within the toilet. The boy reported the problem to the mother and father. The mother and father puzzled the accused approximately it, and he denied it. He then fled to his mother’s residence in Driefontein.” The sufferer showed the incident and was taken to a doctor for an exam, which confirmed she had “severe injuries.” The case changed into also passed to the Newcastle FCS unit.


“The accused refrained from arrest till he changed into traced at Driefontein in January 2013, wherein he became arrested and kept in custody until the problem become tried on the Madadeni Regional Court. He turned into the convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for rape,” Zwane stated. KwaZulu-Natal appearing police commissioner Maj-Gen Bheki Langa commended detectives for their investigation that brought about the conviction of the accused. “I would love to praise our detectives for amassing complete proof and brought it to the court docket, which led to the successful prosecution of the accused.

“I welcome the sentence surpassed all the way down to the accused, and we are hoping that it’s going to send a robust message to different rapists that the lengthy arm of regulation will catch you every time and anywhere you’re,” he said. Traditional healers have carried this stigma for generations until nowadays. Traditional healers are very pleased with their background calling and desire to make it understand that they may be no longer “witch medical doctors.” The traditional healers play a necessary part in African cultures and groups and have since time immemorial. They fulfill capabilities that pass a long way past the ones of bio-medically educated healthcare people.

The traditional healer has a massive impact on the patient and his circle of relatives and makes an outstanding and useful contribution to the cultural and spiritual existence of the African for my part and inside the network. To come to be a Traditional Healer is a call from your ancestors and our almighty God. You can’t visit any college or institution to take a look at conventional recovery. It is a name that comes from inside yourself, whether or not you’re wealthy, terrible, younger, or old. There are tribal elders (Gobela) who will guide your calling, where you under move a manner known as (Thwasa). Your graduation is determined after a certain period of education is finished.

There are one-of-a-kind categories of Traditional Healers as in Orthodox Western Medicine we additionally have our specialties. The aim is to therapy, heal and no longer kill or to be destructive to our humans. Remember your lifestyles is our situation additionally healthful families make healthful communities, wholesome communities make a wholesome nation, and healthful nation creates a wholesome economic system. An African patient consults a clinical health practitioner, and a 3rd figure is frequently a gift, albeit unseen. This is surely the Traditional Healer, who has already been consulted or will ultimately be consulted by the patient. Approximately 200,000 conventional healers are practicing in Southern Africa. Every traditional healer, on average, consults two hundred/three hundred human beings inside their network vicinity.

The Medical Association of South Africa commissioned a look to offer doctors better and empathetic insight into the world of African human beings. A large number of patients reside. In addition, it’s far hoped that the study could dispel the fallacies and prejudices which have clouded the western docs’ perceptions of the traditional healers and their activities. We have most effective all started bridging the gap, and the primary success tale of the conventional healers is that the “Traditional Health Practitioners Act” has been surpassed through parliament and signed by way of the president of South Africa on the eleventh February 2005 (Act No. 35 of 2004: Traditional Health Practitioners’ Act). We are currently looking ahead to the appointment of the Registrar by using the minister after consultation with numerous traditional health practitioners.

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