Vietnam blogger ‘Mother Mushroom’ on trial

An outstanding Vietnamese blogger called ‘Mother Mushroom’ went on trial Thursday for anti-state propaganda. A court clerk stated that rights companies decried the expenses as “outrageous” and demanded instant release. Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, whose pen name derives from her daughter’s nickname “Mushroom,” was arrested in October 2016 for important Facebook posts approximately politics and the surroundings. Vietnam’s one-party nation maintains a decent clamp on dissent and routinely jails activists, bloggers, and legal professionals who communicate against the communist regime.

A court docket clerk showed Quynh’s trial began Thursday morning, talking to AFP on anonymity. Quynh’s mom, who was allowed to briefly see her daughter Wednesday for the first time in view that she become detained, said she has little desire for a verdict of no longer responsible.

“My daughter has performed not anything incorrect, but they had been so brutal and repressive,” Nguyen Thi Tuyet Lan said. AFP became banned from attending the trial in the south-important province of Khanh Hoa, and snapshots on Facebook confirmed that police closely guarded the courthouse.

Quynh became a vocal critic of Vietnam’s human rights file, civilian deaths in police custody, and the government’s managing of a poisonous leak that killed tons of fish closing yr. She was arrested in Nha Trang on October 10 as she changed into traveling a fellow activist in jail. She turned into a charge under Article 88 of Vietnam’s criminal code. She held incommunicado not using a get right of entry to lawyers until June 20, consistent with her lawyer Nguyen Kha Thanh. New York, primarily based Human Rights Watch (HRW), urged the government to launch the 37-12 months vintage blogger this week, calling the trial “outrageous.”

“The scandal right here is not what Mother Mushroom said, but Hanoi’s cussed refusal to repeal draconian, rights-abusing laws that punish nonviolent dissent and tarnish Vietnam’s global reputation,” Phil Robertson, HRW deputy Asia director, said in an assertion Wednesday.

The United States, Britain, and the European Union have all known for Quynh’s launch. She acquired an International Woman of Courage Award from the United States State Department in March, which Vietnam said become “now not appropriate and of no benefit for improving family members among the two international locations”. In 2015, Quynh was presented as the Civil Rights Defender of the Year via a Sweden-based worldwide advocacy group.

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