Warning signs that you need a new roof

Don’t you think that the roof is an important part of our home and need on-time repairs? But most of the homeowners realize it when some major damage like a leak in the ceiling is witnessed.

If you have also been ignoring your roof for too long, then there are chances that some significant loss has taken place. In extreme scenarios, issues such as safety concerns of family arise.

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If you are looking for warning signs which tell that you need a repair or replacement of your roof, then consider the following points.

1. Age –

One of the most noticeable signs that tell you need a new roof is its age. With the increasing age of the roof, problems also increase. Just because the roof looks good, it doesn’t mean that it is in good condition. The average lifespan of the roof is 25 years. However, factors like improper design, lack of prompt maintenance, exposure to sunlight, and inadequate ventilation accelerate the aging process of the roof.

2. Plant Growth –

Plants may look attractive on the roof, but they can create havoc for you. Plants hold moisture, cause discoloration, and diverts the path of draining water. The areas of your property that are moist and shady promote such growth. Qualified roofing contractors can help in inspecting and identifying problems related to roof vegetation. It is not mandatory that the presence of algae and moss requires a new roof unless the damage is severe.

3. Sunlight penetrating your attic –

Do not forget to check your attic to identify the signs of roof failure. The light should not penetrate the roof of your attic. If you notice light entering your attic during day time, then there is a possibility that some of your shingles may be missing or broken. Even a few cracks in the roof are harmful. It can put your home at risk for pest infestation and water damage.

4. Granules in the gutter –

The presence of granules in your roof shingles is very beneficial. Granules resist fire, reflect UV rays of the sun, and add color. With the passage of time, granules come off and because of daily heat exposure and weathering. Hail storms also result in granule loss. Without granules, your roof is not capable of protecting you from outside elements. Severe conditions can result in the failure of the roof.

If you haven’t got the gutters cleaned for a longer time, then do it right now and check if the shingle granules are present or not. If you find granules in the channel, then call a roofing contractor as soon as possible and ask him to explore the reason behind the loss of granules.

5. Damaged Flashing –

Flashing is a material that is placed around skylights, chimneys, and areas where the roof meets the wall. It is made of galvanized steel and prevents water from coming into your home. As it is exposed to outside elements all the time, its quality declines. So don’t forget to get the flashing checked for bents and cracks.

6. Sagging roof lines –

Contact the roofing company immediately if you find a sagging roof. Sagging lines not only create the aesthetic problem, but it also indicates that the roof is on the verge of collapsing. A rotten sheathing is a reason for the sagging roof. Another reason is the accumulation of snow.

7. Roof Leaks –

The task of identifying the reason behind a leaking roof is not at all easy. Possible reasons can be damaged flashing, cracked shingles, and condensation in your AC. Try to get the leaks resolved at the earliest. Neglected leaks can affect the structure of your home negatively.

If you find any of the signs mentioned above, contact a roof repair company.