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World Court Elects Its First Somali President

Judge Abdulqawi Yusuf has become the first Somali to steer the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, Netherlands. “This election humbles me. And I sense that it genuinely indicates the agree with placed in me with the aid of my colleagues. That’s why I’m extraordinarily grateful to them,” he instructed VOA’s Somali carrier by cellphone. “I hope that I could meet their expectations and carry out the obligations entrusted to me in the exceptional way feasible — to reveal to them that they have made the proper desire in electing me as their president without a doubt.”

The 15-member ICJ is the primary judicial organ of the United Nations. It troubles very last and binding rulings on disputes between states. It advises the U.N. Yusuf, 69, a native of the Somali port town of Eyl, who studied at Somali National University, the University of Florence, and the University of Geneva. He might be the 0.33 African to steer the courtroom. “It is a hefty obligation. And, of a path, the challenge is to make sure, to begin with, that the credibility, the honor wherein the court docket is held through the global network, is preserved,” he stated.

“We constantly try to enhance the court’s work strategies and adapt our work methods to the wishes of a changing global. So that’s what I will try to do. And, of a route, the 1/3 task is to maintain the members of the courtroom united and to make certain that judgments which may be respected through those to which they’re addressed will be issued with the aid of the court, as has been its tradition for the beyond seventy-two years.”

Somali President

Upcoming instances

Yusuf’s management will be tested right now. Among his first instances is a dispute between the U.S. And Iran over the freezing of Iranian property inside the U.S. “We have 14 instances which can be pending, and which, of direction, concern all varieties of disputes between states,” he said, including disputes about environmental safety, boundaries, and diplomatic immunity. “We have been swamped for the past ten years as a courtroom, which indicates the increase in the growing acceptance as true with that the worldwide network has inside the World Court, in our courtroom. And we are happy about that improvement.” Another case to be intently watched in East Africa is a maritime boundary dispute between Somalia and Kenya.

Role of nationality

Yusuf said his nationality will now not influence his paintings in the case. “My nationality no longer counts the number. And it’s far the statute of the court docket that says that the World Court judges are elected irrespective of their nationality. So, my mission is to be impartial, to be the goal, and to apply the regulation. And for all cases, that is what I do.” Yusuf has been in the courtroom because 2009 and had formerly served as the courtroom’s vice president. He will serve a 3-yr term.

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