Jeremy D. Mena

Jeremy D. Mena

Alcohol geek. Future teen idol. Web practitioner. Problem solver. Certified bacon guru. Spent 2002-2009 researching plush toys in Miami, FL. Won several awards for exporting tar in Libya. Uniquely-equipped for managing human growth hormone in Libya. Spent a weekend implementing fried chicken on the black market. Spoke at an international conference about working on carnival rides in Miami, FL. Developed several new methods for donating jack-in-the-boxes in Edison, NJ.

Getting Around Seattle’s High Cost of Living

While Seattle has consistently been ranked one of the best cities to live in the US, it does have one of the highest costs of living in the country, about 56.8 percent higher than the national average. To live comfortably in Seattle, you would need to be earning around 82-thousand dollars a...
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Smart Upgrades For Your House Exterior

First impressions last, and you don’t want people to think badly of your home. This is where the right upgrades can do a lot. Besides boosting curb appeal, some exterior improvements also make a living in your home more comfortable. Here are a few of them that you should seriously...

What Makes Your Home Risky During a Storm

A big part of making your home more storm-resistant is removing the things that make it dangerous during a storm in the first place. For example, your storm-resistant windows won’t matter much if you have a large tree that is already leaning towards your house, waiting for a strong gust...

When Does Mold Tend To Grow in a Car?

The main culprit to the mold problem of your car is the moisture that manages to enter. It could be from the take-out food you left to sit in it or unpredictable weather conditions. These things are seemingly unavoidable, no matter how caring you are toward your car. Moreover, the...

When Your Parents Need Help: Steps to Take

As your parents grow older, it can be challenging to see them become infirm and helpless. It is your responsibility as their offspring to take care of them as they reach their old age. A lot of them face a variety of issues. For many people, the option of simply...
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Scaling Your Business in the New Normal

Scalability is concerned with capabilities and capacity. Is there space for growth in your organization? Will your company's processes, equipment, and workers be able to deal with the increase? Many companies are still working on their return-to-office plans. And though some are revising specific details in light of COVID-19 surges...

A Practical Guide to Improving the Pandemic Life at Home

It's time for a pandemic home makeover. The quarantine period has brought numerous trends in home renovation projects. People have become engrossed in home improvement ideas to get themselves out of their pandemic rut. Homeowners have been finding quick, easy, and affordable ways of sprucing up their homes to keep...
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