Dove Hunting in the Philippines: Is it Worth the Effort?

Yes, it is worth the effort; however, not for all. If you are a rookie dove hunter or want to escape all the noise and distractions, Dove Hunting in the Philippines is for you. There are two main reasons why I have chosen to write this article today. First, I love the Philippines. Second, I love dove hunting. On a recent trip to the Philippines, I got to experience the beauty and adventure of the country firsthand. I also had the opportunity to try my luck at dove hunting.

If you’re like me, you want to experience the best of everything. So when I discovered that dove hunting was available in the Philippines, I jumped on the opportunity. I wanted to share my experiences so that you, too, could have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience the Philippines, which I think is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

For years I have wanted to do a long-distance dove hunt. The Philippines was an obvious choice because it is known for its great hunting, particularly dove hunting. For years I’ve thought about doing this, but at the time, I didn’t know much about it and had never considered going. But then I started reading up on the subject and found some information that got my attention.

What is Dove Hunting?

Dove hunting is a passion of mine, so I thought I’d share my experience. I’ve dove hunted in the Philippines, Costa Rica, and South America. Dove hunting is a bit like a sport, and it requires a little bit of preparation. The first step to successful dove hunting is getting local government permission. If you want dove hunting, you must ask the mayor and then the governor for the privilege. This permission usually takes a week to process, and you should check on your progress every week.

Once you have permission, you’ll need to get a permit. This costs a couple hundred dollars and includes a guide, a rifle, ammunition, and a key. After you get this, you’ll need to buy a hunting license. Hunting licenses vary from location to location, so you must check with the local government or hunting club. Finally, you’ll need a guide, and this is where the fun begins. Your guide will take you to the dove’s nest and teach you how to shoot. He’ll also show you the best spots to find the birds.

When you’re ready, you’ll need to get your hands dirty. If you’re not familiar with hunting, this may be a shock. It’s much more than simply walking up to the nest and shooting. You need to know when to pull the trigger, and you need to aim carefully. Once you’ve killed your dove, you need to clean it. This is a tedious process, but it’s necessary. You’ll need to remove the guts, feathers, and head. Then you’ll need to get the bird and clean it. Finally, you’ll need to prepare it for cooking. You’ll need to clean the intestines and skin the bird. Finally, you’ll need to salt and pepper the bird.

Why Dove Hunting Works?

In the past few years, dove hunting has become a huge trend in the Philippines. This is thanks to the rise of social media. Social media has enabled connecting with other hunters and sharing experiences, tips, and pictures. If you’re interested in dove hunting, you should check out the Philippines. You can go five hunting in three main locations: Palawan, Mindoro, and Luzon. In Palawan, you can hunt on Mount Pinatubo and Mount Elgon. In Mindoro, you can pursue ohe islands of Agusan del Norte, Dinagat Island, and Masbate.

What are the advantages of dove hunting?

First, I wanted to clarify that there are no doves in the Philippines. I prefer dove hunting in other countries, such as the United States. This means that hunting a dove is a different experience than hunting a bird such as a duck or a pheasant. A typical dove hunt takes place in an area with a natural pond. You must wait for the doves to come to the water’s edge. When the birds You’llwaiting and hoping for the best.

It’s not just when the birds arrive about the birds themselves, either. They are quite fascinating animals. They are often called the “gentle giant,” and you will quickly learn why. They are extremely timid, and their flight is clumsy and slow. Doves are very social, so you will see them flocking together. They form mating pairs, sometimes even nest in the trees. Dove hunting is an exciting experience, and it can be quite rewarding. As with any game, there is a learning curve involved. You need to know what you are doing, and you need to have a plan. You’ll need to move fast when the doves come to the pond’s edge; you don’t want to miss your shot and certainly don’t want to be seen.

You can’t get too close, either. The doves will easily spot you and attack if they feel threatened. It would help if you were prepared for anything. You’ll need to move fast when the doves arrive at the pond’s edge; you don’t want to miss your shot and certainly don’t want to be seen. Doves are extremely social, so you will see them flocking together. They form mating pairs, sometimes even nest in the trees. Dove hunting is an exciting experience, and it can be quite rewarding. As with any game, there is a learning curve involved.

How can you use Dove Hunting in your business?

If you’re interested in starting a dove hunt business, figuring out how to do it can be challenging. But if you know what to look for, the opportunities are plentiful. The Philippines is the most common destination for dove hunters due to the abundance of dove species, low prices, and easy access to locations. However, the Philippines has also been home to many dodgy doves hunting operations, so you must research the industry thoroughly before diving into it. Here are the best places to start a dove-hunting business.

How to get started with dove hunting?

I have decided to share my story because many are curious but hunting doves but aren’t sure where to start. If you live in the US, Canada, or other developed countries, you have access to dove hunting from the comfort of your home. I am not talking about killing doves but looking for beautiful creatures. To start dove hunting, you can visit a local market and purchase a dove call. You can also see a dove farm and look for free doves. If you are more into hunting, you can hire a local guide.

Frequently asked questions about dove hunting.

Q: What’s the difference between hunting with a rifle versus a shotgun?

A: A rifle is more accurate than a shotgun. When you shoot a gun, it goes straight down the center of the target. A weapon has to be aimed to the right or left. I like both, but I prefer a rifle.

Q: What’s the most difficult part of hunting dove?

A: The most difficult part is finding them. You have to find the covey. Then you have to figure out where they are and then go there and try to pick them off.

Q: What do you look for in a good dove gun?

A: A good dove gun holds a lot of shots. And one that has a scope. If you can’t see the dove, you won’t be able to hit it.

Myths about dove hunting

1. Doves hunt for food, not for fun.

2. Dove hunters are cruel.

3. Dove hunting is a family sport.

4. Doves only live a few weeks.


When I was working with some friends, we decided to go a little dove shooting. It’s certainly not easy, but I think it’s a great way to get out of the office and into the wild. Plus, if you do it right, it can be a great source of income. We went to a farm in Pampanga and were able to bag several doves that we processed ourselves. We sold them for around Php500 each, which is expensive considering the number of doves we bagged.

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