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How to Choose Deck Boards: Tips by Pro

Deck boards not only provide a surface for supporting things, but they are also the most visible part of our house. So, do concentrate on the following tips to choose the best deck board for your place. These are the tips by a pro and thus can surely help you find a suitable deck board for your home.

Consider the material –

When talking about the material of the deck, you will have three types to choose from. These are:

Natural Wood –

The natural wood comes from cypress, redwood, and a western red cedar tree. It needs not be treated with any chemical as it naturally contains chemicals that are resistant to fungus and insects. It is recommended to choose the heartwood of natural lumber as it contains these chemicals.

Composite Wood –

Many manufacturers produce composite wood from recycled wood and plastic material. Its advantage is that it is highly resistant to decay.

Deck Boards

Pressure Treated Wood –

The wood that is pressure treated is actually a Southern pine. The fungal and insect resistant chemicals are forced into the wood fibers.

Consider the cost –

The cheapest among the three materials is the pressure-treated lumber, and it is stocked in stores by most manufacturers. On the other hand, natural woods are a bit costly as they are scarce than pressure-treated wood. The most expensive is the third type, i.e., composite wood. It is so because it is manufactured and not cut. Also, it is the most durable type. Now, you can choose the one that best suits your budget.

Consider the appearance of wood –

Talking about the appearance of composite wood, it is similar to wood, but actually, it does not have characteristics of wood. Initially, cypress, redwood, and western red cedar have amazing color characteristics, but they turn to silver-grey with time. It is just like pressure-treated pine. If you take care of wood and indulge in periodic deep cleaning, then the wood color can be restored. Composite wood loses its color over time and gathers dirt like other outdoor materials.

Don’t forget the dimensions –

The wood that you will select must have a dimension of 5/4 minimum. Also, make sure that it is at least 1 inch thick. If the deck board is not thick, then it will not be durable. Always purchase that board that requires minimum cutting to fit your deck. It is so because, more the cut edges, the more the water will be absorbed. This will, in turn, weaken the deck board and will reduce its durability. Furthermore, make sure that the board does not have many twists and wraps. Repairing it will become difficult otherwise. Also, buy the deck board only from a reputed deck board manufacturer if you do not want to compromise wood quality.

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