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Learning a way to paddle board is a completely unique manner to tour

Once seen as a passing trend, stand-up paddleboards may be seen everywhere along Maine’s coast and inland waters. It seems that “SUPs” are now firmly rooted inside the nation’s outside subculture. “Numerous humans like it because you see the natural world. You get to investigate the sea and notice what’s on the ocean ground,” said Zack Anchors, proprietor of Portland Paddle. “People love the simplicity of it. You can easily load them into your car. And it’s a terrific exercise.” Anchors began a kayak-guiding commercial enterprise five years ago at Portland’s East End Beach but fast brought paddle forums because of the call. Last year, he offered weekly sundown and harbor paddleboard excursions, classes, and leases.

Fans of the summer season are drawn to the sport for plenty of reasons. For those who lack arm strength, the boards are easier to hold than a canoe or kayak. For people with lower back problems, it’s a better choice than sitting in a kayak. And for those who genuinely love being in the water, it’s a unique manner to journey. Ashley Flowers, a Portland paddleboard yoga teacher, started paddleboarding to build severe middle and leg strength due to stability. “It truly forces your mind to consciousness,” Flowers delivered. So the huge question isn’t always whether you willdo this; however, where and how awill youpaddleboard this summer season? Here are some tips.


The biggest suggestion for experienced paddlers and courses offered to the ones new to paddleboarding is to get some guidance. Even taking an excursion, if now not a lesson, is higher than an apartment because there’s some course involved. While paddleboarding seems easy, the strokes and actions are made less complicated when finished, just like the pros. A novice can injure an arm or dislocate a shoulder using the wrong approach. They can also get into chance, mainly on the sea, where you must observe the tides, the weather, watercraft, and currents. “The Wind is a big aspect of a stand-up paddleboard,” Anchors stated. “Your body is like a sail, very susceptible to the wind. It can convey you out to sea. We’re fortunate right here on this peninsula. There is an included location. We send humans there.”


Paddle forums weigh between 15 and 35 kilos, so they’re clean to hold under an arm or overhead. But standing up, paddling, and turning may be complex. “The strokes are not instinctive,” stated Sandy Moore, a licensed kayak and paddleboard teacher. “If you do it wrong, you deplete all this extra time and energy. At a few points, it’s a protection issue.” Master Maine Guide and authorized SUP instructor Scott Anchors, Zack’s father, said the best way to stand is to kneel in knee-deep water, position the paddle throughout the board, and then push up off the board with each finger. But getting again on from deep water if, or while, you fall off is more difficult. Trying it first in shallow water is recommended.


Getting geared up to apply a stand-up paddleboard seems easy and sufficient. But there are numerous safety concerns. To start, there’s the paddleboard, the paddle, the leash you wrap around your leg, and an existence preserver. Paddle forums can price everywhere from $500 used up to $three 500 for a carbon board. They hire in Maine for as low as $25 an hour to $200 weekly. Some clothes, along with Seaspray Kayaking, deliver. Those who lease won’t think of having the identical protection percentage you would stow in a kayak. However, they must, Scott Anchors said. You can lash it for your SUP underneath the board’s chords. Anchors do and usually share it with water, a towing rope, a compass, a ginger snack, and a beacon. On his life preserver, Anchors also carries a whistle, a knife, and a VHF radio. Of path, in Maine, a wetsuit is a good concept for the maximum of the summer, if no longer essential.


Some locations are higher for beginners, whether tidal water or a lake, pond, or river. They are extra covered with less chop, and it’s on those in which a beginner ought to take their first paddle, said Moore, co-creator of “Paddling Southern Maine.” She provided a few thoughts: n Along the coast, attempt the Webhannet River and Mere Point, two blanketed and smooth-to-navigate regions. The first is a river that empties into a salt marsh with expensive white sandy shorelines; the other is a covered cove. In both cases, you need to watch the tides. Moore recommends Kennebunk Pond in Lyman for freshwater because it has a gentle position with a sandy backside. She also likes Nequasset Lake in Woolwich, which has a release off busy Route 1 but is a 20-mile lake. This is quiet with a remote feel.


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