Useful Tips to Record More Impressive Videos with Better Quality

Recording high quality videos that look impressive may appear to be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. The trick is to focus on the areas that matter the most, and are likely to have the biggest impact on your video.


To do that there are a few useful tips that you should try out:


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  • Record at a high resolution and frame rate

Before you start to record your video, make sure it is set to record at a high resolution and frame rate. That will allow you to capture a video that has good definition and looks smooth.


Most cameras nowadays can comfortably capture 1080p Full HD videos, but there are benefits to recording in 4K if your camera supports it. As far as the frame rate goes anything above 30 should be good – but 60 can make your video look truly fluid.


  • Avoid any movement

Movement is never good when you’re recording videos and it will affect the quality of your video in several ways. It is best to keep your camera completely still, and maybe even use a tripod to make it easier for you to do so.


If you must move, try to make sure the camera moves slowly and steadily – while being kept stable at all times.


  • Improve the lighting conditions

To record impressive videos you need good lighting. At a minimum the scene you record should be brightly lit, and the light source should not be in the frame.


However if you want you could take further steps to improve the lighting and make sure it is soft and diffused. That will make the shadows softer – which is generally what you should be aiming for.


  • Don’t forget the audio quality

If you want to record audio alongside your video, you must pay attention to its quality. In most cases you may need to use a good external microphone and take steps to reduce the amount of background noise that is present.


  • Balance the composition with the rule of thirds

An easy way to make your video look more impressive is to balance its composition using the rule of thirds. All you need to do is turn on the grid on your camera and then align elements based on its lines and intersection points.


Make no mistake despite your best efforts the videos that you record probably won’t be ‘perfect’, which is why you also need to be prepared to edit it afterwards. That can be done using Movavi Video Editor, and you can easily learn how to remove background noise from audio, enhance the video quality, stabilize it, and fix any other issues that are present. Its features will also let you add background music, apply effects, insert text, and more.


If you apply these tips they will make a noticeable difference to the quality of your videos and how impressive they look. As you can see most are relatively basic, and yet each one will have a big impact on how your videos turn out.