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Negative Effects of Internet on Children

The Internet has proved to be one of our most modern innovations. It has made its presence felt in every sphere of our existence, be it the financial system, society, fitness care, spirituality, etc. Prominent among its blessings is its impact on the education region. Students can now benefit from admission to innumerable research papers, aside from getting today’s updates in technology and generation.

But as they say, “With top-notch electricity comes the first-rate obligation,” the Internet has created new demanding situations for society, and the most threatening among those is its impact on youngsters. Internet dependency has been recognized as a disease in many nations, and rehabilitation centers have been created to assist people in recovering from it. The sad part of this phenomenon is that many Internet addicts are children at risk of its unwell effects. The Internet has numerous advantages and disadvantages; however, we can recognize its terrible results in this article.

Internet and Children

Internet Addiction Disorder

Although research on this sickness is in initial ranges, it’s been mounted that children who spend most of their time on the Internet display a particular kind of conduct that is marked with the aid of an urge to be on the Internet all the time, a lot that the kid may additionally shun all activities and end up immersed within the digital international. Surveys conducted over the years have discovered that most people afflicted by Internet dependency ailment are teens, who, without problems, fall into the lure of exploring the entirety that is to be had on the Internet. In America alone, it has been anticipated that around 10-15 million people are suffering from an Internet addiction disorder, increasing the fee by 25% every 12 months.


Reduced Physical Activity

A host of video games is to be had on the Internet, making most children shun all outside interests. Without physical attraction, kids can effortlessly fall prey to several lifestyle-related diseases and weight problems, apart from failing to increase interpersonal abilities. Apart from these elements, sitting continuously in front of a computer screen can seriously harm our eyes and strain our necks and shoulders. Children are growing, and these elements can create existence-lengthy problems for them.

Easy Access to Pornography

This is one of the best threats Internet poses to children. The Internet has provided a clean medium for youngsters to gain accessy to pornography. This could purpose them to either turn out to be sexually deviant or sexually addictive. This phenomenon has also precipitated another problem: the growth in the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in youngsters. According to reports, one out of each four teens gets infected with an STD every 12 months. The grown-up content that is the gift on the Internet promotes irresponsible intercourse and creates false notions inside students’ minds.

Vulnerability to Cyber Crime

If you have been following the news these days, you ought to understand what we’re relating to. Children had been lured by pedophiles posing as exact Samaritans and had been physically abused and molested. The Internet has also made it easy for unscrupulous factors to get in touch with youngsters, which has caused a boom in cases of kidnapping and identity theft. About 60% of young adults in the United States have admitted to responding to messages from strangers. This kind of behavior is volatile and has put youngsters at risk of becoming victims of cybercrime.

The abovementioned factors have posed new demanding situations to instructors, dads, and moms. There are needs from diverse quarters that there ought to be some regulation to test this issue. However, we accept that instead of making the Internet a taboo, we must educate youngsters to use it to their advantage. It is recommended that dad and mom reveal how much time their children spend on the Internet, and if viable, set a time to restrict until they are allowed to apply the Internet. Having the computer in the living room instead of a toddler’s bedroom can also ensure censorship of what they can access on the Internet. You must also speak to them approximately ‘the birds and the bee’s because if you no longer communicate with them, they’ll flip to their buddies and the Internet for answers which won’t offer actual statistics.

We have written this article for the Internet audience, and you’re analyzing it through the Internet, which explains the fine aspect of Internet usage. Although this article is focused on the terrible results of the net, it is in no way that we’re undermining the importance of the Internet in our lives. The right is for us to decide whether we use technology to better our lives or put it to unabated abuse. Children might not be mature enough to understand this, but we, as dads and moms, instructors, and guardians, want to ensure that we teach the proper behavior to our children.


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