Remember These Pointers Before Applying for a Personal Loan!

A personal loan has drastically transformed the way people manage their money. People’s priority has shifted from maintaining liquidity and saving in FDs to investing in equity, debts, bonds, and insurance. This has become possible only because emergency finance is now available through instant loans.

Instant money loans are unsecured advances and do not require the borrower to provide collateral to secure funding. However, the absence of collateral also means increased risk and thus requires the borrower to meet the eligibility criteria. The eligibility requirements for these loans are easy to assemble, making financing accessible to a wider aspiring base. In addition, lenders today offer instant cash loans with flexible tenure, easy repayment options, lower interest rates, and much more.

All these features and benefits combine to make these instant money loans one of the most preferred financing options. Nevertheless, when availing of the advance, the borrower must be well-informed regarding all aspects of the passage. This should help them make informed borrowing decisions and manage their finances better. When availing of an instant money loan, it is crucial to remember the following pointers.

Remember These Pointers Before Applying for a Personal Loan! 1

Important Things to Remember When Availing of a Personal Loan

  1. The loan tenure impacts your overall affordability significantly.

Instant cash loans come with flexibility in the choice of tenure. This gives you the power to choose a tenure that best suits your affordability and repayment capacity. The choice of your tenure directly impacts your monthly EMI and your total interest payouts. Longer tenure would mean lower EMI but higher pay, and shorter tenure would mean higher EMI and lower interest payout. So, according to your loan affordability and monthly repayment capacity, you can choose a tenure between one year and five years. The best is to go for a one or two-year repayment period.

  1. Borrowing within your eligibility improves your chances of loan approval.

The borrowing profile of every individual qualifies for a certain loan value only based on a host of financing factors. This depends on the borrower’s monthly income, existing debt liabilities, credit score, and income stability. The lender will be more inclined to provide the required financing up to this eligibility limit. You are applying for higher loan subjects the borrower to an increased risk of rejection of the loan application. It is thus best to first check how much you can avail of as an instant money loan and apply within this limit only.

  1. A high credit score can help secure favorable terms on the advance.

Holding a high credit score is associated with securing a low-interest rate on personal loans. The benefits of high credit scores are not limited to this only. If a borrower holds a high credit score, their overall enhanced creditworthiness allows them to negotiate for and avail of other favorable terms on the advance. They may get approved for a higher loan amount, get better tenure flexibility, be offered nominal fees, and much more. Thus, checking your credit score is crucial before applying for a loan.

  1. Various factors impact your loan interest rate levy.

Various factors influence the final interest rate levied on your instant money loan. These factors can span the financial profiles of borrowers, the market lending trends, and the internal lending policies of financial institutions. The borrowing choices that individuals make also impact these rates to some extent. For instance, the borrower’s income, existing liabilities, credit score, credit utilization, the choice between fixed and floating rates, and the loan amount selected are some borrower-related factors that result in interest rate determination.

  1. The swiftness of loan processing and approval can vary with the application medium.

The total time taken from processing, approval, and disbursal varies depending on which mode of application you choose for your loan application. This is due to the lengthy paperwork and multiple steps involved. Often, online applications stand a better chance of receiving quick blessings than offline applications for instant cash loans.

Among online application options, too, you can also prefer to apply for your loan via a personal loan app that completes paperless documentation and brings about loan approval within a few minutes.


While all these points indicate the effectiveness and availability of the instant money loan, one must be financially established to receive easy approval. It is ideal for checking your loan affordability with the help of an EMI calculator and assessing total financing availability with an eligibility calculator. This will help you better select a loan amount with a high chance of receiving approval as per your financial standing. Take care to choose your lender cautiously, as your overall loan affordability and financing convenience can vary from one financial institution to another.

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