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Cyrus Shepard lives in Seattle, Washington, with his wife and commercial enterprise companion, Dawn Shepard, who he calls his “mystery weapon.” Cyrus has most effectively been in the search engine optimization enterprise seeing that 2009; however, it feels like he became here for decades. The statistics, advice, and tips he stocks make you experience like he has been within the industry because before 2000 because he’s exceedingly clever and really experienced. He changed into Moz for numerous years until 2016 and continually went to school and shared in his blood. He is understood for questioning why positive SEO standards are the manner they may be; he’s regarded for asking tough questions. He is also referred to as being a chum of almost anyone I know within the search engine marketing network.

Cyrus stocks a ton of social media, enterprise blogs, and enterprise conferences and even a ton through one-on-one dialog together with his enterprise peers. Cyrus received nominations, which helps to sum up what a unique and caring man or woman is. Like many oldsters in the SEO community, Cyrus has dedicated a lot to helping and teaching others. But beyond that, I sense fortunate to have linked with Cyrus on a few complex SEO troubles, then in-person at a convention. He has been very beneficiant along with his time, providing beneficial insights and thoughts to take again to logo companions. Cyrus also brought me to a group of fellow organization-owners who’ve because of end up tremendous mentors in those early years of our agency. Always kind, useful, and responsive — we recognize you, Cyrus!

Cyrus Shepard Bio:

Cyrus started in search engine marketing in 2009. He formerly led the search engine optimization and Audience Development at Moz group until 2016. Today he is the founding father of Gazillion Media, which does content material and affiliate advertising, and low search engine marketing consulting. Before search engine optimization, Cyrus labored dozens of jobs, along with stints as a waiter, bartender, wildland firefighter, and actor.


Favorite aspect of the search engine marketing network?

You come to the SEO community as a calling–almost subconsciously–and earlier than you recognize it, you’re a part of a family.

One piece of advice to the CEOs available?

For new CEOs who need to be severe, look at the foundational principles: Old Google patents, PageRank, anchor text, etc. For skilled SEO, it is in no way too past due to select upon machine learning so that you are assured a task within the subsequent five-10 years 🙂

Favorite matters in trendy?

I actually have a movie diploma from USC and love films. Also analyzing books (generally technological know-how fiction) and jogging every time I can. What do you need to be recognized for inside the search engine optimization space? My aim has always been to make difficult SEO less difficult to apprehend for every person, specialist, and novice. It’s smooth to get stuck up inside the “expert” bubble that exists online and at the convention; however, the fact is that most people who do search engine optimization have limited knowledge, are busy with other responsibilities, and are often crushed with records. My activity is to make tough standards less complicated to recognize for those human beings.

As a strong eCommerce platform, Magento hurries up custom eCommerce software improvement by imparting a flexible shopping cart device and digital advertising, seo, and catalog control gear. Magento’s themes and plug-ins make it easier for enterprises to scale their internet stores and decorate purchasers’ revel in. A business enterprise also chooses to pick from numerous editions of Magento – the business enterprise, commercial enterprise intelligence, network, delivery, order management, social and trade – according to its wishes and finances.

Each edition of Magento is written in PHP – and open supply server-facet programming language. But various variants of the famous eCommerce platform differ from each other in phrases of functions and functionality. Unlike different variations, Magento Community Edition is open source and loose. Hence, an organization can significantly use the community-based version of Magento to curtail the eCommerce application development fee. Likewise, it could make changes to the Magento Community Edition consistent with its unique desires. But Magento Community Edition nonetheless simplifies eCommerce websites development by way of offering an array of functions.

Overview of Important eCommerce Features of Magento Community Edition

eCommerce Website Management

Magento Community Edition simplifies web store management by permitting administers to choose, share, and control records across multiple eCommerce websites through a unified admin region. The administrator even chooses to assign roles and permissions to personal customers and manage online purchaser agencies. He can, in addition, use Web Services API to integrate Magento with 1/3-celebration applications seamlessly. Likewise, the administrator can simplify records net page introduction and control using integrating a famous content material control gadget (CMS).

Checkout, Payment, and Shipping

Magento Community Edition allows enterprises to boost consumer revel in with one-page online checkout. But it supports multiple fee options – credit playing cards, present playing cards, exams, cash orders, and online purchase orders. An agency even has the option to integrate the eCommerce utility with famous price structures like PayPal, Google Checkout, and Amazon Payments. Simultaneously, the community-based version of Magento allows enterprises to manage more than one shipment for a single order, avail free delivery capability, control shipping by way of weight, and provide flat-price shipping options.

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