Google News gets a sparkling coat of paint

Google News is looking different nowadays. That’s because Google these days released the main redesign of its information aggregation website that brings it in keeping with the relaxation of its offerings and eliminates a variety of the muddle that amassed through the years.

After years of sticking with basically the identical layout, no person turned into going to accuse Google News of searching modern-day. While the relaxation of the agency’s portfolio received most important facelifts in latest years, Google News started looking a piece overlooked (and cluttered). That’s all converting these days.

Anand Paka, the product manager for Google News, instructed me that the guiding concept at the back of the redecorating was to construct an uncluttered person interface that makes the product more reachable to mainstream news consumers.

To do this, the group followed a card-based totally interface for the main news movement, for example, and brought tabs that separate the main headlines of the day from neighborhood information and the customized information feed. Gone, too, are most of the longer snippets of text that featured prominently inside the old layout, in addition to the proportion buttons for Facebook, Twitter and (gasp!) Google+ that would fade in whilst you hovered over a story (these have been replaced by way of a current proportion button).

In terms of core functions, even though, you received see any most important variations among those variations. All of the brand new gear Google added in latest years, including actual-time insurance, fact assessments and assist for motion pictures, remain in the vicinity. Indeed, the team elevated using video in Google News, which makes sense, given what number of recent talks now center around video.

Paka argues that Google’s users are already familiar with the cardboard interface, so this shouldn’t be an excessive amount of-of a jump for most users. As in the vintage design, you can click on these playing cards to look an extended view of the story with extra assets and, if warranted, motion pictures, reality check articles and greater.

news-lidl-sparkling-wine.jpg (1400×933)

The team determined to offer nearby information it’s very own tab as it desired to have an area to expand this phase over time. “We’re setting the degree for the following phase,” Paka defined. That’s something Paka stated a number of instances at some point of our communique. The concept right here is true to provide the product group the potential to iterate in this layout, and Paka additionally mentioned that we’ll see pretty a few A/B tests over the next few months because the team seems at what works and what doesn’t.

Publishers won’t make any modifications as to how they publish their stories to Google News, by way of the manner. This update doesn’t introduce any changes for them, as all the updates are going on above the publishing index. The renewed emphasis on video, though, will probably drive greater publishers to spend money on that side of their commercial enterprise.

Why It’s Important to Update Drivers on a Regular Basis

Drivers are software program applications that permit your PC running machine to talk to and deliver commands to hardware devices and software applications you want to use with your computer. From hardware devices together with a webcam, printer to software programs and applications, consisting of games, downloads from the internet or not unusual applications which include Word or Excel, you want to have the modern-day and updated drivers for your laptop.

Outdated drivers can motive your laptop to crash, save you applications and packages from running and can motive error messages or can certainly save you-you using your computer as you want to.

Common errors messages old drivers can reason include:

* “STOP: 0xc0000221 Bad image take a look at the sum, the image user32.Dll is probably corrupt. The header checksum does not suit the computed take a look at the sum.”

* “Error: Cannot load the DLL CnxtSdk.Dll.”

* “The tool driving force for the keyboard tool is stopping the system from entering sleep mode. Please close all applications and try again. If the hassle persists, you could want to replace this driving force.”

* “STOP 0xc000026C (Unable to load tool motive force) Driver Name.”

* Error caused by a tool driving force. Thank you for sending an error record to Microsoft.”

Yes, the ones are a few quite technical phrases, nearly like trying to read a foreign language. But, if you acquire any of those types of messages from your computer, you may ensure that an outdated driver is inflicting the hassle.

You should replace your drivers regularly because Windows updates the Windows running device on an ordinary foundation. If you put in a new piece of hardware onto your pic, you could find that your PC operating machine has older codes and cannot talk successfully with the new device. Downloading a new driver to fit the new product will supply the codes and programming instructions to function the new device on your computer’s running system.

If your PC usually crashes each time you open a specific program, attain a positive stage on a recreation or connect a hardware tool like a camera, there is a superb risk you have got an outdated driving force. Crashing the machine or turning off the laptop all of sudden is a certain sign you have got an outdated driving force this is sending antique codes and instructions for your updated computer operating machine.



Qualcomm alleges its tech made iPhones feasible

The months-lengthy prison saga between Qualcomm and Apple, which started out in January this 12 months, has been collecting an increasing number of momentum, in place of transferring in the direction of calmer waters. This Tuesday, Cupertino updated its claim in opposition to Qualcomm, alleging that the commercial enterprise practices of the final harmed no longer only Apple, but also “the whole enterprise”.

At the core of the criminal struggle among the 2 whether Cupertino ought to pay the chipmaker licensing expenses on tech, it uses within the production of iPhones. Apple has condemned the practice and ultimately withheld due payments to Qualcomm, with the closing responding within the equal way. The problem is that Qualcomm charges the price as a percent of the overall rate of the device, which, Apple suggests, enriches the first unjustly, for parts and tech it has no longer contributed to.

Qualcomm’s function is that the licensing royalties are the consideration for an array of technologies discovered in iPhones, and does no longer relate to the patent of a single chip. In reaction to Apple’s modern-day submission, Qualcomm has said that its chips have made the manufacturing of iPhones and different smartphones feasible. Qualcomm’s Executive VP and General Counsel of Qualcomm Don Rosenberg has also stated that Qualcomm has had input in connectivity, excessive-pace facts transmission and GPS navigation tech, which is the floor for the organization’s function in the criminal battle.

“Qualcomm’s innovations are in the coronary heart of each iPhone and permit the maximum important uses and capabilities of those devices,” stated Don Rosenberg, govt vice president and trendy recommend of Qualcomm. “It without a doubt is untrue that Qualcomm is in search of to gather royalties for Apple improvements that don’t have anything to do with Qualcomm’s era.”

The felony tie has been dragging on for months now and, on the seems of it, we have to not assume a resolution every time quickly. The difficulty of Qualcomm’s rate, charged as a percent of the entire price of a device, will best warmth up, as we near the release of the subsequent hot-shot flagship by means of Apple this fall.

Android Smartphone: How to Choose the Best?

oled-iphone-8-concept-matteo-gentile.jpg (1920×1080)

Many Smartphones had been introduced within the era marketplace in the recent time. It is due to converting technology and the software program that makes it difficult for users to make a choice. If you already know the standards for choosing the quality available alternative in Android Smartphone then you will be without problems able to select one for yourself. Let us discover the standards that you need to recognize for deciding on the first-rate Android Smartphone.

The first component that you want to take into account are the specs. Let us scrutinize that one by one and discover.

1. OS or Operating System

Before you make a decision on selecting the today’s to be had the model, you first need to realize that Android keeps getting updates. Therefore, if you very own an Android that isn’t always on par with the contemporary software program model available then you definitely need not fear. You can upgrade your device and acquire the state-of-the-art Android version. The versions are available online for downloads, you can without difficulty access these via your device or log in to achieve the modern-day version. The latest software program version has many capabilities, unfastened services and is like minded with the brand new Smartphones. With new OS (Operating System), you will be able to download new wallpapers, get a quicker get admission to, have a brand new menu and other such introduced features.

However, you have to don’t forget one component that now not every Android is designed to acquire updates. Often there are updates available for particular OS simplest even as others are rendered out of date. For example, you have already got Gingerbread; you may be tied to it till you get an update for this specific model. Remember that software upgrade isn’t something assured. It is better to opt for an Android version this is able to receive new updates and the latest version has to be kept in mind while creating a buy.



New Instagram Update Offers Tools to Counter Cyber Bullying

To guard its platform from on-line bullying, Facebook-owned Instagram has added two new gear — a filter out to block sure offensive comments and an unsolicited mail filter out in nine languages. The first clear out is non-obligatory that can be toggled on or off in the settings. It hides offensive or irrelevant remarks from acting on posts and in live video.

“To assist, we’ve got evolved a clear out in the way to block sure offensive feedback on posts and in live video. All different comments will appear as they generally do and you may nevertheless document comments, delete remarks or flip them off,” Instagram said in a put up late on Thursday.

Also, you may always flip this filter out off. To get entry to it, click on the “…” settings menu from the profile and scroll to faucet “Comments”,” the blog post introduced. The unsolicited mail filter appears for any apparent spam in feedback, blocking it from customers’ Why Bother With a Drivers Update?
Posts and live motion pictures.

The clear out will cast off spam written in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. The updates are available as a part of Instagram version 10.26 to be had for iOS and Android.

Why Bother With a Drivers Update?

If you have been informed that new drivers replace are available on your device, you’ll be thinking: why hassle? After all, your tool is working just pleasant. And except, who desires the trouble of downloading and installing a drivers update? While it could be true that your device is operating first-class nowadays, applying a replace may want to save you destiny issues from taking place or remedy a security vulnerability.

rehost/2016/9/14/969e2748-9741-4549-8b32-bd3d7d1ab055.jpg (1591×1470)

In reality, it is clever to replace all your PC gadgets, software, safety applications, and working gadget often. In the case of hardware devices, they want an replace. These updates are issued periodically via the producer as bugs are located and stuck. If you don’t observe the drivers improve, your tool does now not get the gain of that maintenance. While the malicious program may not have affected your PC yet, it may be a computer mistakes ready to happen. For example, if the manufacturer discovers a war among devices and a famous new PC game and fixes it via an update if you have not updated your device, you’ll run into issues when you install the brand new sport. On the other hand, had you applied the repair, you’ll be capable of using the PC game without ever walking into the acknowledged problem.

In addition to solving insects, drivers replace may additionally add new capabilities or compatibility with different technologies. By periodically updating your hardware, your PC can be prepared with the trendy upgrades presented by every hardware manufacturer.

Because your computer is made from potentially dozens of devices together with chipsets, memory, CD-ROM drives, video cards, sound cards, printers, microphones, enter devices, and so forth, keeping track of each tool, finding the proper device update, and manually updating the drivers can be a tedious job. Plus, after you entire the job, you’ll soon discover yourself with out-of-date drivers as manufacturers constantly launch new updates. Two of the exceptional ways to limit the monotony of guide updates are: use Windows Update and use device motive force control software program.

Windows Update is effective at keeping a lot of your system gadgets patched with the contemporary updates, but not all. Many device updates are shared by way of manufacturers with Microsoft as part of “plug and play” projects. Plug and Play devices work with Microsoft Windows because the Microsoft operating device is prepared with the correct.



Uber ATG upgrades its self-reliant truck check fleet with new tech

Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group has a new version of its testing transport truck for self-sustaining tech. The new version features an updated era stack, inclusive of a 64-channel spinning LiDAR array, that is something in no way used formerly on any of the previous Otto’s take a look at vans.

The Uber ATG truck drastically drops all Otto branding, as you may see, on account that Uber retired that call in May following a hallmark dispute raised by way of Canada’s Otto Motors, and after the self-using trucking corporation Uber obtained became the impetus for a fit by way of Alphabet’s Way contesting that Otto professionals took confidential agency information when they departed Google.

Uber’s Advanced Technology Group has taken over possession of the undertaking, with Otto falling under its umbrella as of final year, and now the fans were upgraded with a few factors of ATG tech for the primary time. But ATG vehicles product supervisor Alden Woodrow informed me the former Otto group based totally in San Francisco continues to be main the truck tech.

“Otto turned into based in San Francisco, and so on the mixing, maximum of our engineering attempt is still based in San Francisco for the vehicles,” he stated. “But one of the superb matters about being a part of this large group is we have that team in Pittsburgh that has a simply world-elegance crew and that has had numerous years’ head begin on growing similar technology. So we work honestly closely with the group in Pittsburgh.”

Woodrow also mentioned that similarly to close collaboration between the Pittsburgh and San Francisco teams, the brand new ATG office in Toronto below Raquel Urtasun will offer additional opportunities to help further expand their tech.

11.jpg (2400×1600)

The new Uber ATG truck tech loadout additionally consists of upgraded additives and software program for the duration of the automobile further to the brand new spinning LiDAR and is completely refreshed, with new hardware sensors and new software program components at some point of. This updates the layout that became used formerly, along with all through Otto’s press-grabbing independent Budweiser freight cargo haul, which eventually earned a Guinness World Record for “the longest non-stop journey with the aid of a driverless and self-reliant semitrailer truck.”

Woodrow additionally says that this tech refresh also became no longer made as an instantaneous end result of the ongoing Uber/Wayne felony fight. The LiDAR used in the new design is an off-the-shelf element (maximum probably an HDL-64E sourced via Velodyne, given the layout and specifications, although he wasn’t capable of affirming because of confidentiality agreements), as opposed to one evolved in-residence.

“It’s an off-the-shelf machine from a third-birthday party, so it’s without a doubt become independent from a number of the things at trouble in the Waymon fit about us developing our own LiDAR, it’s a very separate product,” Woodrow stated. “This is completely independent of that; it’s continually been a part of the plan to combine the Otto generation with the ATG generation. The Otto stack sincerely didn’t use 64-channel LiDAR at all.”

Votto’s layout in no way used LiDAR of this kind in its tech stack (a spinning, sixty four-channel module), Woodrow says, and the addition of its capabilities must assist extensively with statistics available to the autonomous using gadget.

“That honestly extensively improves what facts the truck is capable of capture about the arena, so it builds a completely remarkable point cloud of its surroundings,” he said. “So that absolutely facilitates the software program system make higher decisions about what’s out there inside the world and make better choices.”

This new truck can be noticed in checking out in SF and on neighboring highways, Woodrow says. I asked him how the California DMV feels about this, given some earlier reports that the licensing body becomes reportedly looking into its previous self-sufficient truck checks. Woodrow informed me that they really have a near courting with the DMV and that representatives have been simply in these days to get an update on their progress.

He also said he believes that their position is now that they take into account the ATG vans Level 2 automobiles, like Tesla Motors ready with Autopilot, that means they don’t require autonomous licensing specifically. Every truck has a trained driving force onboard prepared to take control, Woodrow noted. I reached out to the DMV to confirm, but they didn’t right now respond to my request for comment [Update: The DMV provided official comment, see below].

Uber ATG has additionally bought a range of new vans ready with its new generation and says it’s in all likelihood extra San Franciscans will see the vehicles out and approximately on the roads as a result. He additionally said we will anticipate seeing more demonstration runs like the Budweiser shipping within the future, even though he delivered it’s a touch too quickly to talk about specifics just yet.




Key Tech Sector Updates for the Week Ended June 23, 2017

Tech region keeps outperforming broader markets
Technology stocks (QQQ) rose a combined 2.3% in the week ended June 23, 2017, after three weeks of negative returns. The S&P 500 Index rose simply 0.2% in the same length.

Oracle (ORCL), BlackBerry (BBRY), Red Hat (RHT), and Accenture (ACN) all said profits inside the week. Micron Technology (MU) is the handiest era organization of observing on the way to announce its income results in the coming week.

Top gainers for the week ended June 23
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) became the largest gainer in the generation region in the week ended June 23. AMD shares rose a jaw-losing 23.Nine% in the week, possibly because of the result of the launch of its new high-performance processors.

Red Hat shares rose 13.2% the ultimate week. The software program enterprise’s shares soared after its income beat estimates. It additionally provided robust steering for economic 2Q17.

Oracle shares rose thirteen.Zero% the closing week after the organization beat earnings expectancies. Meanwhile, BlackBerry shares were the biggest losers of the technology zone in the week, falling 7.5%. The company’s stocks plummeted on June 23 after it published a big fall in its quarterly sales.

Comcast (CMCSA) stocks fell 4.Three% inside the week ended June 23 after influential media analyst Craig Moffett downgraded the cable sector to a “neutral” score.

Accenture shares fell 3.Eight% in the week after the business consulting corporation trimmed its margin outlook, however, said financial 3Q17 income that met expectations.

Blackberry keeps shifting recognition to software program business
BlackBerry published a steep fall in its quarterly sales as it persevered to shift its recognition to its growing software enterprise. Its economic 1Q18 sales fell forty-one%, to $235 million, as compared to $400 million in monetary 1Q17. The Canadian software program and device company stated profits of $671 million, or $1.23 according to proportion, in its economic 1Q18. A year in advance, the agency noticed profits fall of $670 million.

230e26a3-890a-4ae3-a9b0-9fb0d6c112c9-original.jpeg (2048×1536)

Oracle earnings beat analysts’ estimates
Oracle released its monetary 4Q17 consequences on June 21. The worldwide PC generation corporation suggested EPS (profits in step with percentage) of $zero.89, an upward push of almost nine.Nine% yr-over-12 months (or YoY), beating analysts’ expectancies by means of $0.11. Its revenue came in at $10.9 billion, a 2.Eight% upward push on a YoY basis.

Google to promote robot-making groups
Alphabet (GOOG) is promoting its robot-making businesses for an undisclosed amount. The consumer is SoftBank, which has shown hobby in robots and AI (synthetic intelligence) era.

The robotics businesses are Boston Dynamics and Schaft. The latter is primarily based in Tokyo and is a spin-off of the University of Tokyo.

Facebook and Snap to show unique content material on their respective systems
Time Warner (TWX) announced that it might be investing $one hundred million in Snapchat (SNAP). The media large will offer Snapchat with around ten original shows in keeping with yr for the following two years. This comes at a time when Snapchat’s download fee is falling. The deal may want to cause a higher download rate for the app.

Facebook (FB) is also talking to Hollywood studios and agencies about producing shows that allow you to release original programming on its personal platforms inclusive of Instagram.

Apple-Qualcomm prison war keeps
Apple (AAPL) extended its protracted felony combat in opposition to Qualcomm (QCOM) on June 20, arguing that Qualcomm’s commercial enterprise model violates patent regulation and that a number of its patents are invalid.

AMD to offer Intel a run for its money in the server chip phase
Advanced Micro Devices launched its new technology of excessive-overall performance processors for data centers on June 20 in a bid to force its way returned into the records center computing engine market, that’s currently ruled by means of Intel (INTC). As we stated above, AMD shares soared 23% remaining week.



Qualcomm updates mid-tier Snapdragon chip; talks up new tech

Qualcomm unveiled a mid-tier processor designed to deliver improvements in battery life, pics and computer overall performance, imaging, and LTE connectivity, as well as new technologies targeted on wearables and fingerprint scanning.

To date, extra than 1,900 designs have been released or are in the pipeline using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon four hundred processor line. The new Snapdragon 450 is anticipated to be available for commercial sampling in Q3, with availability in client devices before the quit of 2017.

Snapdragon 450 silicon offers a higher acting octa-core ARM Cortex A53 processor, handing over 25 percent boom in computing overall performance over its predecessor, with an integrated Qualcomm Adreno images processor turning in a 25 per cent growth in overall performance over Snapdragon 435.

Power control enhancements bring about as much as 4 extra hours of usage time, as well as a 30 in keeping with cent reduction in strength while gaming. It additionally consists of Quick Charge 3.Zero help, that can price a normal phone from 0 to eighty according to cent in around 35 mins.

The platform is likewise the first in the tier to guide actual-time Bokeh outcomes. It additionally includes help for dual cameras at 13MP+13MP or a single digicam at up to 21MP; hybrid autofocus; and 1080p video capture and playback at 60fps, enabling the gradual movement to seize. It helps full HD presentations.

Snapdragon 450 additionally consists of the Snapdragon X9 LTE modem, which helps 2x20MHz provider aggregation in each downlink and uplink, for height speeds of 300Mb/s and 150Mb/s respectively. It is also the first in its tier to guide USB three.Zero.

Wearables update
Also unveiled changed into Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon Wear 1200 platform, which helps IoT technologies built on LTE to permit “ new technology of extremely low electricity, relatively power green, continually linked, and fee-green stories to targeted reason wearable devices together with a youngster, pet, elderly, and health trackers”.

qualcomm-automotive-ces-2016-8.jpg (1680×945)

Snapdragon Wear 1200 helps LTE M1 and NB-IoT to permit linked wearables which do not rely on smartphones for net connectivity. It additionally consists of positioning generation and a software processor for Linux and ThreadX programs.

Snapdragon Wear 1200 is commercially available and shipping today. Original design producers (ODMs) Boris and Quanta have developed reference structures based totally on the brand new silicon.

Qualcomm stated that because its access into the wearables marketplace less than 3 years in the past, greater than a hundred and fifty devices have followed its era, with 80 consistent with a cent of Android Wear announced or released smartphones using Snapdragon Wear.

Fingerprint tech
Finally, Qualcomm touted “subsequent technology ultrasonic” fingerprint sensors, which deliver “new and superior” capabilities to its preceding era of sensors.

This includes the ability to test prints thru OLED monitors, putting off the need for committed fingerprint scanners and alternatively using the presentations for entering. Also available are sensors that could work through glass and aluminum, allowing other components of the frame to be used for entering.




Facebook Updates News Feed to Reduce Spam and Fake News

In but some other circulate to reduce down on low-best content and faux news in News Feed, Facebook is updating its algorithm once more to put off such content material from its platform. A Facebook studies located that there is a tiny group of those who mechanically share substantial quantities of public posts according to day, successfully spamming human beings’ feeds. “Our studies similarly show that the links they share tend to encompass low-quality content material such as click bait, sensationalism, and incorrect information,” stated Adam Mosseri, Vice President, News Feed, in a weblog publish late on Friday. “We are making an replace to assist lessen low-fine links in News Feed. We are constantly working to enhance human beings enjoy in News Feed through showing greater tales that we think human beings will find informative and wonderful,” Mosseri introduced. Facebook has been running to enhance humans’ experience in News Feed by way of showing more testimonies that it thinks they may find informative and exciting.

“As an end result, we want to reduce the impact of those spammers and deprioritise the links they share extra regularly than everyday stocks,” the put up brought. The new replacement is a part of Facebook’s efforts to address fake news in News Feed. “This update will simplest apply to links, including a person article, not to domains, Pages, films, pics, take a look at ins or status updates,” the publication stated. Most publishers might not see any massive adjustments to their distribution in News Feed after this update. “Publishers that get significant distribution from folks that routinely percentage considerable quantities of public posts consistent with day might also see a discount in the distribution of these specific hyperlinks,” Mosseri stated. “Publishers have to preserve in thoughts basic guideposts to reach their target audience on Facebook and preserve to submit stories which are applicable to their audiences and that their readers locate informatively,” he delivered. (1200×1070)

Novice Internet users having middle stage computing skill study these blogs to gain recommendation from expert tech bloggers. They are folks that are ardent approximately enriching their laptop knowledge. They have a tendency to analyze something new every day. Amusingly, era and gadgets weblog pages manner for things to be learned pretty without problems because the blog owners replace technical information this is pretty understandable.

Novice computer users like to evade harmful errors:

It can give us a large headache if something goes incorrect with our PC. Being a newbie to computer usage, we tend to study what’s new. That’s why, humans study technology blogs due to the considerable records available, which includes, PC security, virus alert and so on.

Be thankful for the discovery of Internet. Now, you may research whatever you desire online.

Keep mastering something new ordinary from generation and Gadgets Weblog [http://technology-gadgets.Com/] and enhance your understanding to turn out to be a professional. Get to recognize about an era blog, named open cipher

Woohoo! You’re learning drivers on your computer! Sounds about as a great deal fun as watching paint dry on a January afternoon whilst getting kicked with a frozen boot. Now, all kidding aside, drivers are extremely important to the functioning of your PC. Without them, all your hardware gadgets would now not have the commands they need with the intention to paintings well.

Every laptop running system is distinct and calls for a distinct set of commands to “communicate to” your hardware additives, such as wireless routers, printers, audio system, scanners, Bluetooth gadgets, etc.

Some folks have had issues with their hardware devices no longer functioning with newer running gadget variations. Having stated that, you can remedy this difficulty through downloading the proper Windows 10 drivers or to ensure your hardware products, as us tech nerds name them, communicate well together with your OS or running system allowing you to keep streaming your retro 90’s blend as an awful lot as it can annoy your millennial buddies.

Now, a number of instances, human beings assume that after their hardware system (do not forget what we said hardware gadgets are?) isn’t working properly, that it’s far busted and wishes to be pitched in the recycling bin.

Don’t be a fool! Remain cool, because loads of the time, the problem is often caused by antique or obsolete drivers. Yes, the motive force is causing the difficulty. Now isn’t that thrilling?