Florida is the favorite holiday destination for families as it is surrounded by waters on both sides. One side of Florida is the Atlantic sea while the other side is the Gulf of Mexico. Many of the beaches in Florida are family friendly and located in beach parks. The following are the 5 best beaches in Florida for best beach vacations: Beach Spot.

1. Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne is a 1.25 mile long sandy beach in Cape Florida State Park. It only takes 15 minutes to reach this beach if you are coming from Miami. The park open daily from 8 am – sunset for 365 days every year. There is an old light house structure that is open to visitors in Florida. To come to this beach, you must pay a park entry fee. You can rent beach chair, umbrella, kayak, canoe and sea bicycle on the beach. There are two restaurants selling food nearby. You must pay a fee to rent a spot on the covered pavilion if you want to have a picnic or barbecue.

2. Crandon Beach

Crandon Beach is a 2 mile long beach dotted with tall palm trees in Key Biscayne. The beach is less crowded than the South Beach and is good for relaxing in off peak season. Visitors can often see animals like peacock, crane, duck, and alligator in the park. Crandon Beach has shallow water and wide sandbar. The parking is not free butyou’ll get to enjoy all complementary amenities. If you come to Crandon Beach, make sure you pack enough food as there is no restaurant around.

3. Virginia Key Beach

Virginia Key Beach is a pristine beach in Virginia Key Beach Park, Key Biscayne. Parents can bring their kids to the Miami Seaquarium, and Miami Marine Stadium. The beach park is open from 7 am to sunset every day except major holidays. There are lots of things to do including picnic on the big pavilion, laze on the hammock, stroll on the board walk, rest under the cool trees, and swimming. Sometimes, you can also participate in a music festival.

4. Mexico Beach

Mexico Beach is a family themed beach with white sands and abundance of sea shells in Florida. It is blessed with a serene atmosphere as few people would come here. With no crowd around, it is the best place to listen to the soothing sound of waves washing up the shore and cries of the sea birds. There are no condos, only some beachfront houses painted in Caribbean colors. The restaurants nearby are family owned business instead of fast food restaurants. The beach is clean and you can hardly find any trash around.

5. Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is a ¾ mile beach located in the lush green St. Andrews State Park in Florida. The peaceful setting makes the beach the ideal place for couples to relax. In this beach park, there is a campground where all kinds of camper vans are welcomed. There are plenty of places to walk around. Sometimes, you can also spot deers in the campground. The park provides air conditioned bath houses with big shower. If you want, you can hire a boat ride to Shell Island. During the boat ride, tourists can often spot dolphins breaching.