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Is It Safe to Start Traveling Now?

In the months following our isolation due to the pandemic, travelers worldwide heaved a sigh of relief as cities across the globe opened up their borders. Since countries lifted travel restrictions earlier this year, leisure travelers have been itching to travel again. While some travelers hit the road to take day trips and camping getaways, others opted to fly.


A new trend observed amongst travelers is opting for a personal loan to fund their vacation expenses.

While we look forward to scheduling that much-needed vacation, we must ask ourselves whether now is the ideal time to start traveling.

The answer depends on various factors. Here are the two most important ones:

  1. Vaccination Status: Your vaccination status is crucial while planning a vacation. As long as you are fully immunized against Covid-19 – unless you have severe immunosuppression – you are protected and can resume activities you enjoy again, including international travel.

Unvaccinated individuals should, however, refrain from unnecessary travel no matter where they are; if you’re among a large crowd of people indoors, such as at an airport or train station, you’re likely to find others who are unvaccinated. You will pose a risk to them, and they will threaten you.

  1. Travel destination: The destination of your trip is critical to consider. While many countries allow travelers again, they may still have stringent rules that may cause you to rethink your plans. A quarantine period may be required, during which you might not be allowed to visit tourist attractions. You might not want to travel if your quarantine period is essentially the duration of your trip.

Before visiting any city, you should research the Covid situation in that city. You can also view the transmission numbers for the coronavirus. It would be unwise to travel to a country that has a large number of cases. You will be at risk of contracting the virus, and it is difficult to find medical care if you fall ill. Those countries with a high incidence of Covid-19 might also impose lockdowns and other restrictions that would interrupt your travel plans. You may even have difficulty returning to your home country based on the conditions at the time.

Therefore, it is advisable to look into the status of the virus in your travel destination before finalizing your travel plan.

You can follow the trend by loaning funds for your travel. You can do this easily by applying for a personal loan online. In the case of any individual loan interest rates, they are usually fixed, and the loans are mainly unsecured. You repay the lump sum at the end of the loan tenure with a fixed monthly payment. Most loans last up to six years, with limits ranging to Rs. 25 lakhs.

Domestic travel is more convenient from a logistical standpoint right now. However, some countries have low enough rates of Covid-19 and favorable regulations that will work very well for international visitors.

“Life is either an adventure or nothing at all” is a widely known quote from Hellen Keller that motivates us to be more daring. However, one must take calculated risks while traveling during these times.

Additionally, it would be best to plan your finances for travel well. If you opt for a personal loan, your credit history and income depend on the terms. With average to excellent credit scores, borrowers typically receive more favorable loan terms, like low-interest rates and more significant loan amounts.

You can calculate the EMI for the loan using the personal loan EMI calculator available on your lender’s website.

Thus, do not hesitate to plan a luxurious holiday for yourself this vacation season with the help of a readily available personal loan online. As you do so, pay attention to the above points to ensure you only bring back memories and not any viruses.

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