List of Software to Practice Typing

The distinctive varieties of typing exercise software available inside the marketplace offer the users, especially data access specialists, equipment to improve their pace and accuracy. Developing the contact typing abilities of users is the high goal behind creating these software program products.

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor

The software program teaches the user how to touch type via some instructions. ‘Brick Factory’ and ‘Safari Park’ are the two games blanketed in this software program. Along with amazing tutorials, the software additionally gives commands on preserving the right posture even when typing. The software is largely evolved for children. However, experienced typists can also use special assessments to improve their accuracy and velocity. The software consists of many thrilling capabilities, from those that highlight errors with red coloration to those offering finger placement instructions. The ‘Extra Practice’ segment permits the customers to practice for the worst keys, while the ‘History’ phase generates a report of a range of keys learned and the rate and accuracy of typing.

MaxType LITE

The software program known as MaxType LITE is a typing tester that works on the ‘Windows’ platform. It permits the person to practice typing capabilities and provides check results. Test diplomas furnished using the software program assist users in reviewing their performance based on 20 parameters. Keyboard layouts supported via the software include ‘Dvorak,’ ‘Support Qwerty,’ ‘Azerty,’ and a few Russian ones. The library of the MaxType LITE contains primary training, articles, lyrics of famous songs, and unique sporting events. The software additionally allows users to compete in opposition to the MTA-record documents present within the series, which will boom typing speed—the MaxType LITE 1.6. The eleven models of this software program are two,334 Kb in size, and call for a minimum computing device decision of 800 x 600.

Analytical Eye Typing Tutor

This software enables to development of the contact typing capabilities of users. In the beginning, the software evolved to cater to the needs of faculty and university college students.


Letter Invaders

The concept of this recreation is based on ‘Space Invaders,’ an arcade game. This game aims to blast ‘alien’ phrases by typing them effectively. In this game, tough words seem on the display screen, and players have to type them efficaciously before they land or touch the baseline of the screen.


This software allows users to improve their typing competencies through individual and word drills. The software program teaches the person which finger to use for a selected key. This software can run on platforms: Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, NT, ME, and 2000. Once the software program is downloaded, the report must be unzipped so that the ‘setup.Exe’ program is run to install it.

PacWriter 1.0

The PacWriter 1.0 is an educational sport supposed to improve typing talents of customers. The user can choose a special combination of letters to exercise his typing abilities. The software program offers 20 tiers from which the consumer can pick out any single one and practice. The software program runs on Windows 2003, XP, Windows Vista, NT, ME, and 2000. The participant’s objective in this sport is to type quickly and correctly. For this reason, the typing practice software program assists in enhancing typing abilities and allows its users to paint efficaciously. The truth that software is dispensed freely via the Internet makes it clean for users to attain them.


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