Be sure to visit IGN Tech for all the modern-day comprehensive arms-on opinions and pleasant roundups. Note that if you click on this type of hyperlink to buy the product, IGN might also get a proportion of the sale. For greater, examine our Terms of Use. Over the closing decade, eSports has taken off largely. With such a lot of competitive gamers collaborating in gaming tournaments worldwide, it’s natural that corporations could launch eSports-related peripherals with greater frequency.

Several producers are catering to the eSports crowd accessible — with one of the most outstanding being Logitech. One of the ultra-modern within the enterprise’s gamer-centered G series is the Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard (See it on Amazon), the first keyboard to be categorized as truly “Pro” instead of a group of numbers or a mythological name. The message is obvious — that is, a keyboard designed for e-Sports professionals or those who need to apply the same tools as the Pros.

The first aspect you’ll note about the Pro gaming keyboard is its loss of range keys on the proper side. Though you would discover those keys useful, game enthusiasts generally do not, as the compact tenkeyless design makes the keyboard simpler to hold to LAN events and tournaments. Plus, the smaller design also offers you more space to transport your mouse. From what I’ve been informed, hardcore PC game enthusiasts consider the number pad a waste of space as it’s vain for tournaments. Therefore Logitech removed it from the Pro keyboard.

The next “Pro” feature is also designed for optimum performance. The G Pro functions Logitech’s proprietary Romer-G mechanical switches, which are consistent with Logitech, have a response time that is “as much as” 10ms quicker than the competition (which is commonly regarded as Cherry MX switches). All 87 of its keys have a short-throw actuation point additionally, which is the time it takes for key presses to be recognized.

At just 1.Five mm, it is .5mm shorter than a typical Cherry MX Red switch which calls for 2mm of the tour, and to place it into even greater context, the Corsair RAPIDFIRE K70 needs just 1.2mm of the tour, so you can see where some of these forums land on the actuation spectrum. For the G Pro, the shorter actuation distance allows for key presses up to 25 percent quicker than widespread mechanical switches, providing you with a moderate advantage. Also, the 10ms reaction time gain won’t be perceptible to ordinary parents; however, competitive game enthusiasts will be aware of it.


While the keyboard is designed for gaming, it’s also great for plain ole typing. Because of the low actuation force, I didn’t want to hit the keys so difficult, so it without a doubt made it viable to kind quicker than normal. Though the keys are easier to press down, they nevertheless have a fine amount of resistance. Mechanical keyboards are infamous for being loud because of the sound of the switches under the keys being activated repeatedly. Still, the Romer-G switches on the Pro keyboard are tremendously quiet by way of contrast. That isn’t to mention the keys don’t make noise, but it’s not anything that should bother everybody around you.

Since that is a gaming keyboard, it’s been built to withstand a great deal of punishment. The whole factor is bolstered using a steel returned plate that provides balance for the duration of gameplay. The backplate also provides some heft to it no matter its small size, so it won’t without problems slide around on your desk. Although it honestly weighs extra than the average keyboard, sporting it around won’t damage your back either due to its small ordinary footprint.

One function to be substantially appreciated by using competitive gamers is to cast off the keyboard’s six-foot length USB cable. Instead of getting to wrap the cable around the keyboard, you can sincerely detach it. This will lessen the threat of breaking the cable on the factor wherein it connects to the keyboard in the course of travel. The cable features two aid hands to facilitate a dependable facts connection. This also guarantees that you couldn’t effortlessly unplug it while playing. Like the keyboard, the removable cable feels hard and sturdy.


Like any respectable gaming keyboard, the Pro keyboard features customizable RGB lighting fixtures. The main difference between this keyboard’s lighting and that of different famous planks is that it offers “through-the-center” lighting fixtures with keys that might be flush with the base. This lets in best the interior of the important thing itself to be illuminated rather than the base too like it is with different keyboards from Corsair, G.Skill, etc. This ensures that no lighting fixtures bleed around the keys, which you may love or hate depending on your desire.

The lights are fantastically customizable thanks to Logitech’s Gaming Software which lets you customize every individual key with truly any color possible. The F1-12 keys can be customized to carry out the feature of macro keys. Users can keep their lighting fixtures profiles onto the onboard memory. This means presets will continually be equal regardless of what PC the keyboard is plugged into. However, the keyboard will now not keep macro reminiscence, considering that that isn’t allowed in competitions.

Zone and Effects modes are clean to enforce in the Gaming Software app. These don’t require tons of notion because one only needs to choose a profile they like. Those are best for folks who need to keep things easy, but it’s miles a great deal extra a laugh to apply your very own colors. The number of options to be had right here can be rather overwhelming. If you’re like me, you may want to check out a number of the academic motion pictures on Logitech’s website online.

The keyboard additionally has a sports mode. This is activated via a bodily button on the pinnacle proper of the deck. It lets you disable keys you wouldn’t want for a particular recreation so that you won’t accidentally pressing a key during essential moments. You also can make it, so unique keys light up for sure titles. This feature is likewise useful for actual gameplay, considering there is less lighting on the keyboard to distract you. If the important thing colors are too vibrant, you may continually lower their depth within the app. You’re additionally unfastened to disable the lighting altogether, but wherein is the fun in that? Though there aren’t any committed macro keys, you could apply similar functionality to any key via the software.


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